Rostrata Primary Groupmap class collaboration

Hanging out with the year 5’s at Rostrata primary today as they explored some of the key concepts surrounding the Olympic games. Using a student response tool means that they could learn from each other and share ideas.

Rostrata Primary School through the efforts of Ric Johnson and assisted by Terry Keesing  are recipients of the Innovations Grant which will see the school receive 100 Samsung tablets to trial a range of educational and learning applications, from Google Play, to GroupMap.

Rostrata 2

Best question asked…. “Sir… are you making us your beta testers?”

Some fantastic questions and it reminds us of why we get together in a group.. to learn, share, play and discover.

Great questioning kids and thanks for being our one of our young beta software test group!

Rostrata 3

The great thing is not only do students have a way of visually sorting through information, it encourages their higher order thinking and understanding the 3 most important views in the room. Yours… mine… and ours. Being able to see how individual students can add and share ideas in real time to create the overall picture in itself was the lesson of the day. We asked them what they thought was happening and why it was important to consider the views of others.