Uni Students using GroupMap to revise before exams

Sharing notes and ideas for faster revision

Talk about speeding up revision time… some call it cheating, other’s call it collective learning. These students had the right idea in terms of making sure that they captured all the key elements of the topics around commercialisation of new ideas. It started by the teacher adding in the key topics: finance, intellectual property, opportunity recognition and so on.

B2 and Kyle on ipad

Each student then started adding in everything they knew about a topic, sharing the information with other students in real time. Before you know, there’s a whole individual and group mind map encompassing as much as they knew. It certainly made closing the gaps a lot easier and to pinpoint subject areas that were otherwise not quite on track.

Jason and Winny show off their groupmap

Here’s some of their feedback…

  • “Being able to see what other people know and think about the topic really helps me learn more about the topic”
  • “Its really quite easy to use and you can build it up really fast”
  • “It’s a good tool for discussion in my group”
  • “I like the way you can see how people group ideas together”

Nice work gang and here’s to your success in the upcoming exam!