GroupMap V2 features to improve how teams work

We’ve been listening to your feedback, watching teams in action and hanging out with our customers and we have made a bunch of changes to make your team work… well… awesome!

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new:


Pick a map or create your own – Find the right map to suit your problem.

We have created maps for some of the most common and powerful meetings types used to help improve outcomes in their business. Project maps like agile retrospectives or stakeholder maps, for example, help your team plan and improve outcomes. We know that this doesn’t suit everyone, so now you can design your own maps. From mind maps to lists and charts through to matrices, you can create a map you want to get the job done.

Set rules for each map – Design the conversation you want to have.

Just want the top 5 ideas? Want your team to just work with a fixed set of ideas? No problems – you can adjust how many ideas participants can add.

Want people to work individually before seeing ideas? Toggle suggestions on and off and decide on how many participants see at a time to manage group think and information overload.

Prefer to reveal the results only at the end? Decide if you want results to be available as people work, or only at the end of the exercise.

You can also pin ideas to everyone’s map, manage votes and adjust maps on the fly. Our map setup wizard guides you through setting up a map that suits your event. 

Improved user interface – So your team can get on with it in less time.

You can now add directions for the exercise which the team sees when they join in so they know what the exercise is all about. They can then enter ideas in rapid succession, visually and easily. Just click and type. 

Capture comments, prioritise and vote for action – When ideas aren’t enough.

Click on an idea and now you can capture the back chatter, deeper thoughts and comments around each idea. Ideas can be prioritised up and down a list or around a map just by dragging and dropping. Use likes/dislikes options to filter ideas or using dot votes (dotmocracy) for action. Display the results visually on the Group View and get all the results in a dynamic report.

We have a few surprises you’ll discover as you use the app. Our core features of independent maps, auto-suggestion management to give ideas equal air time and instant map aggregation still exist! And you can still invite people into a map by password, link, email or Facebook post (if you are signed in with Facebook).

Thank you to all our customers and users who have shared their feedback, ideas and suggestions. It’s fantastic to see the value it has already brought to your organisation and how it’s saved you time and money, and to hear your stories about how your teams have responded so positively to the experience.

We hope you love the changes and feel free to write to us at


GroupMap is an online brainstorming and group response tool that helps teams improve the outcomes from their meetings. Its innovative design has been recognised and used by Government, Universities and collaborative organisations. You can use GroupMap at meetings, workshops and training environments to reduce groupthink, edit wars and information overload by having individuals respond on their own maps which automatically aggregate into a group view for comment, voting and reporting.