New features in GroupMap V3

We have working on your feedback, grabbing best practice and hacking through the tech to bring you a great set of features to get even more out of your GroupMap sessions. Don’t worry, until Sept 1, 2014 you can still access the classic version of GroupMap. In the meantime, we’ve upgraded your existing maps so that you can try out the new features for yourself.

Here’s our top 10.

  1. Choose from more templates for strategy, meetings and group activities.
  2. Create consent forms and surveys for participants
  3. Decide how many steps you would like in your process.
  4. More voting tools to find the best ideas.
  5. Get more out of each idea with comments, images and decision options.
  6. Visualise individual and group results.
  7. Stay in control – modify, block, pin ideas or lock and unlock stages/map.
  8. Select your level of anonymity
  9. Create multiple maps or clone existing ones.
  10. Improved reporting and functionality.

We hope you love these new features and that it helps you improve the way your team thinks, together.

Did you know, we can help you plan and set up your next GroupMap session? Experienced professionals with real hands on experience are here to help. This is free for your first session or if you are a subscriber or licensed user.