How Meeting Professionals Engage their Audience – Workshop ideas.

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Here is how event organizers instantly created an interactive workshop based on audience responses.

GEVMExchange, hosted by GlobalSignIn at the American Club, Singapore hosted over 100 meeting professionals and event leaders who came together to share the latest trends and to highlight some of the key issues facing event planners.

Speakers and topics included:

  • Ben Glynn from Emarsys and Andy Choi from Whispir talking about marketing automation and the need for personalisation of messaging.
  • SiddarthDAs sharing an inspiring story about Earth Hour and how a small team executes on events being run globally.
  • Raven Chai from UX Consulting talking about human-centric event design and principles of design.
  • Ken Hickson from SESA sharing updates on ISO standards and sustainability tips.
  • Rachel Siah from BRCKTS with her learnings of venturing into social media.

Capturing key themes through opportunities, challenges and ideas

As part of the conference, GroupMap was used as the audience response tool to capture what people thought were future opportunities, challenges and ideas. Based on what was being discussed and shared that day, the wider group could then prioritise the top issues for further discussion.

Delegates were given the opportunity to brainstorm and add ideas throughout the day on the mobile, tablet or laptop. The final session was an interactive breakout session for small group discussion. This was a great way to make the workshop more interactive and to make sure that topics were driven by consensus.

Using Dot Voting to generate group consensus

To do this, delegates were asked to digitally dot vote on the top 5 themes that they would be most interested in discussing. This meant that they were driving the outcomes and highlighting the topics that they wanted to find out more about.

Event organizers could see the audience votes in real time and displayed this on the screen, with one of them commenting “this is like the stock exchange” as topics that were popular floated to the top and were displayed larger.

Guest speakers were then invited to facilitate the discussion on the 4 topics in groups.

  1. Social media use cases and examples of viral videos and content for meetings.
  2. Automation, marketing and outreach tools.
  3. Use of event technology and sustainability concepts in event planning.
  4. Audience engagement.

Taking brainstorming online and to the edge.

Going one step further, a map was created to ask people to take brainstorming to the edge using the concept of edgestorming – based on an adaptation from the book Disciplined Dreaming. This thinking style used by Cirque du Soleil to create memorable events that were buzz-worthy and that would create word of mouth. The trick was to take creativity all the way to the edge, rather than simply sticking to the status quo.

The question was what you could do to make your event outrageously….

  • Big
  • Small
  • Loud
  • Soft
  • Expensive
  • Cheap
  • Strong
  • Fast

GroupMap was the online brainstorming and group response tool used to gather audience insights and voting for key topics at the conference for event and meeting professionals.

Veelmal Gungadin, CEO of GlobalSignIn said…..

  • I enjoyed working with Jeremy to use GroupMap for our discussion session during the GEVME Xchange 2016. We got great responses and we learned a lot more about what event professionals are facing - and how we can better help them!

    Veemal Gungadin CEO of
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