Finally, A great tool that allows each person to create their own answers without losing sight of the big picture.

GroupMap’s unique platform allows individuals to create their own response on customisable templates, with or without ideas suggested by others. This then automatically creates a group result for comments, prioritisation, voting/rating for action and reporting on outcomes. GroupMap reduces your cost of running team brainstorming sessions and you no longer have to manually re-write scribbles from the workshop. Best of all, everyone can contribute.We make working together collaborative, productive and insightful.

Create conversations that matter

Choose a map

Use our template or create your own

We select from a range of industry best practice templates used by high performing teams to plan, brainstorm, create strategy and educate.

Next, we turn them into digital online tools that help accelerate your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Need something specific? Create your own template which you can clone or multiply.

From single lists which allow you to drag and drop for prioritisation through to mind maps for creative expansive thinking, you get a full suite of thinking tools that help you create focussed thinking.

Set The Rules of Engagement

Customise and set rules for your map

Public or private maps. Level of anonymity. Independent, collaborative or directed brainstorming. Likes and dislikes. Dot voting rules. Multiple dimensions for rating. Chats, comments and images. How ideas are displayed.

All this and more are under your control.

Use our recommended settings or create your own unique experiences.

Add Stages and Instructions

Step through the process

Decide how many stages you want and add your instructions for each step.

Go lightning fast with a simple brainstorm and results.

Need a think tank session? Add reviews, thumbs up/down, voting, rating, comments and chat to get things really steaming.

Flexible processes mean you can go back a step or modify rules as you go. After all, not all conversations are linear.

Individual templates capture thinking

Have Space to Think

Individual templates mean no more edit wars or being left out.

Each person can respond on their own template without worrying about deleting somebody else’s ideas.

Reduce the impact of group think and the effects of the person that speaks the loudest or the last.

Everyone retains their own version.  They can compare, refer and reflect and get immediate feedback from you or the group at large.

What’s more, we capture where each person places each idea to give you insight into how individuals make up the whole picture.

Combined, visually results in real time

See the best ideas in real time.

Still re-writing sticky notes or taking pictures of whiteboards?

Real time results move teams to action more quickly and gets people working on the same page.

Choose how you want to display the results. GroupMap can be set to automatically change the font size according to support, likes, votes or ratings.

Results can be displayed on the big screen and on individual devices, or you can hide them until you are ready.

Single click reporting

Insightful, Instant, Information Reports

Here’s what our reports can do for you:

  • Summarise the entire session into web reports, pdf or excel export.
  • Sort the results to see what the top outcomes are.
  • Get data on how people contributed, and how they rated the activity.
  • Capture all comments on ideas and overall map conversations.
  • Give you visual cues to allow more meaningful decision making.
  • See individual reports, as well as the group report.

All done? Close the map and lock in the changes.

Individuals or teams get their “space to think”. Ideas transgress the limits of sticky notes and whiteboards. Ideas can be shared in real time and you capture responses from the team as you go. Faster, better meetings with less manual collation increases productivity and reduces costs. So what does this all mean? No more edit wars,  ideas are organised visually, information overload is reduced and everyone can participate equally. It’s an organised, engaging and more effective  way to brainstorm and plan as a team. Forget re-writing everything. Everyone gets a copy session outputs immediately. Get instant reports on the session, including participation rates and prioritised ideas for action.
Example Questions
Strategic meetings What are the environmental trends (PEST) that will impact our business? Let’s talk about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What would make our city more innovative?
Agenda planning What are our current key priorities? What items are current, urgent, waiting or done? What have we all currently got on our plate?
Agile retrospectives Use this agile retrospective to take actions into our next sprint? What did we like, learn, lack or longed for? What should we stop, start, keep doing, do more of, do less of?
Project management Let’s rank these key issues facing each of us currently. Create a stakeholder map against this power versus interest matrix. What are some of the risks we need to consider right now?
Use with online meetings Let’s do an online brainstorm around this problem. What are some of the pros and cons about what we are thinking? How would we rate ourselves against our current competitors?
Creativity and innovation brainstorms What should be the key features of this product using the edgecraft approach? Let’s reinvent our business using the innovation matrix. What initiatives should we introduce and what would be the impact versus effort?
Workshop and conferences How can we improve our production by 20%? Rank our corporate values in order of importance. Comment on our virtual wall around each of the topics.


  • Easy and effective way for teams to plan, discuss and decide.
  • Ideal for collaborative work teams.
  • Get more data on participation and decisions made by each AND everyone in the team.
  • Reduces the impact of communication barriers like bulldozing, rabbit holing and reticence.
  • Save time and reduce feedback lag associated with manual collation.
As one student said to us. “This is really cool. I get to put down what I think and compare it to what my friends think, as well as the class. I’m learning from everyone!”. Create a lesson plan and set up your map to suit. A single password gets everyone started. Decide if you want them to work individually or collectively as a class. You can see what each student has done and can improve your teaching and feedback. Its just like activity sheets but far smarter. So whether you are a pedogoic peddler or a learning style savant, you can use GroupMap’s to reduce your preparation time, whilst still being a collaborative and engaging educator.
Example Questions
Class responses What can you tell me about this topic? What would you like to learn this term? How would you rank each of these ideas?
Case analysis What are the main issues that this business is facing? What can you tell me about the main character? Vote on the key ethical issues relevant in this case?
Reflective exercises What were the things you learnt from doing this activity? What would you like to stop, start and continue doing in this class? What 3 things did you learn from watching that video?
Revision and practice Put down your ideas and comments under each of these ideas? Answer as many of these questions as you can on this map? What questions do you still have about this topic?
Collaborative learning Where would you rank each of these skills on this chart? Classify each of these items under each of the headings? Brainstorm as many things as you can think of around each of these topics.


  • Creates student centered and collective learning with peer to peer engagement.
  • Automatically generates reports that shows individual participation for assessment purposes.
  • Create your own worksheets and class plan for each topic you teach.
  • Teaches students to visually conceptualise ideas and to work collaboratively.
What’s in it for the participant? “A simple, visual and collaborative way to add my response and to see how it impacts on the group’s decision. I can get started in less than a minute and its anonymous which means I can give honest responses. The visual maps and directions help me understand what I need to do and being able to see what others think can help to inspire me.” What’s in it for the facilitator? “A flexible tool that helps you set the stage, communicate key messages and direct a large group of people to focus on the key issues. I can capture the sentiment of the room and use the results to better facilitate conversation, improve engagement as well as capture comments and votes. There’s no more manual work and I can get results in an instant.That’s time saved and productivity gained” GroupMap has a strong track record of workshops and conferences including the Public Sector Innovation Conference, National Policy Planning with Health Workers Australia, National Careers Advisors Conference, as well as a range of corporate workshops and public events.
Example Questions
Individual and group brainstorming What tips and tricks do you use to improve your creativity? What problems are you facing in your area? What can your area do to solve the problem of X?
Breakout group activities World Cafe format – What do you think would dramatically change our business? How would you rank these social network sites? What would we put under each of these themes/topics?
Consensual decision making Rank these movies according to the variables on the chart Allocate your dot votes on the GroupView for your favourite idea/s. Allocate your dots on the stakeholders who we think need our attention.
Panel and speaker engagement What questions do you have for each of these speakers? What questions do you have for each of these topics? Add your question to this list.


  • Provides flexibility and function for a range of facilitation techniques and questioning styles.
  • Easy pilot/ passenger settings to manage group activity and dynamics.
  • Provides valuable information for decision making based on key priorities, supported ideas and the level of consensus.
  • Creates an engaging experience for participants and an opportunity to contribute.
  • Instantly produce reports for analysis.
  • Easy to use.
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