Think Better Together


Select from over 40+ industry best practice templates used by high performing teams to plan, brainstorm, create strategy and educate.

Change your heading, questions or workflow instructions centred around your problem.

Need something more  specific? Create your own template which you can clone or multiply.

From single lists with drag and drop prioritisation to mind maps for creative expansive thinking, you get a suite of tools that help you focus thinking.


Create public maps that anyone can contribute to, or keep it private allowing you to choose who you invite.

Select your level of anonymity to fit your need.

Utilise a range of decision making filters to find the best ideas such as likes, dislikes, dot voting, and dimension sliders.

Explore an idea deeper with comments and see how individual responses have made up the whole.

Design your own experiences with your group.


Decide how many stages you want and add your instructions for each step.

Need something simple and fast? Just get everyone to brainstorm their answers and see the results.

Want a think tank session? Add in additional stages to dot vote for the key ideas, rate ideas against multiple dimensions and capture comments.

Flexible processes allow you to go jump between stages. After all, not conversations are linear.


Individual templates for each person or team means no more edit wars or being left out.

Each person can respond on their own template without worrying about deleting somebody else’s ideas.

Reduce the impact of group think and the effects of the person that speaks the loudest or the last.

Everyone retains their own version.  They can compare, refer and reflect and get immediate feedback from you or the group at large.

What’s more, we capture where each person places each idea to give you insight into how individuals make up the whole picture.


Sick of re-writing sticky notes or taking pictures of whiteboards?

Real time results move teams to action more quickly and gets people working on the same page.

Visualise the results. Change the font size  of ideas according to support, likes, votes or ratings.

Results can be displayed in real time, or you can hide them until you are ready.


Here’s what our reports can do for you:

  • Summarise the entire session into web reports, pdf or excel.
  • See how people contributed, and how they rated the activity.
  • Provide evidence and transparency into the decision making process.
  • Save you the time and stress of capturing what happened in the room.

All done? Close the map and lock in the changes.

For Teams

Hate the meetings with no purpose, outcome or transparency? So do we. GroupMap helps to give the team focus, capture their input and make decisions together.  Is everyone one the same page? You see how everyone contributed and you now have the tools to help people make decisions.

See More
Activity How Why Examples
Agenda planning Identify key issues and focal points Get more time on the things that matter. Important vs Urgent, Issue ranking
Online meetings Compliment the meeting with an online activity to brainstorm and decide. Greater engagement and insight from online participants.

Pros and Cons, 6 thinking hats, Plus Minus Interesting

Projects Capture input for kick off and milestone meetings. Improved buy in and transparency. Stakeholder map, Risk Map, RAID matrix.
Retrospectives  Gather anonymous and honest feedback from the team and vote for key action items. Improved team insight and iteration planning. Agile retrospective, 4L retrospective, Starfish retrospective
Strategy meetings
Capture and prioritise ideas before or during the meeting using industry templates. Real time results and multiple decision making tools. SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Pros and Cons
Workshops Display real time results, iterate and create consensus.  Greater engagement and evidence of decisions. Mad Sad Glad, Anchors and Engines


  • Easy and effective way for teams to plan, discuss and decide.
  • Ideal for collaborative work teams.
  • Get more data on participation and decisions made by each AND everyone in the team.
  • Reduces the impact of communication barriers like bulldozing, rabbit holing and reticence.
  • Save time and reduce feedback lag associated with manual collation.
For Educators and Trainers

As one student said to us. “This is really cool. I get to put down what I think and compare it to what my friends think, as well as the class. I’m learning from everyone!”. Create a lesson plan and set up your map to suit. A single password gets everyone started. Decide if you want them to work individually or collectively as a class. You can see what each student has done and can improve your teaching and feedback. Its just like activity sheets but far smarter. So whether you are a pedogoic peddler or a learning style savant, you can use GroupMap’s to reduce your preparation time, whilst still being a collaborative and engaging educator.

Example Questions
Class responses What can you tell me about this topic? What would you like to learn this term? How would you rank each of these ideas?
Case analysis What are the main issues that this business is facing? What can you tell me about the main character? Vote on the key ethical issues relevant in this case?
Reflective exercises What were the things you learnt from doing this activity? What would you like to stop, start and continue doing in this class? What 3 things did you learn from watching that video?
Revision and practice Put down your ideas and comments under each of these ideas? Answer as many of these questions as you can on this map? What questions do you still have about this topic?
Collaborative learning Where would you rank each of these skills on this chart? Classify each of these items under each of the headings? Brainstorm as many things as you can think of around each of these topics.


  • Creates student centered and collective learning with peer to peer engagement.
  • Automatically generates reports that shows individual participation for assessment purposes.
  • Create your own worksheets and class plan for each topic you teach.
  • Teaches students to visually conceptualise ideas and to work collaboratively.
For Facilitators

What’s in it for the participant? “A simple, visual and collaborative way to add my response and to see how it impacts on the group’s decision. I can get started in less than a minute and its anonymous which means I can give honest responses. The visual maps and directions help me understand what I need to do and being able to see what others think can help to inspire me.”

What’s in it for the facilitator? “A flexible tool that helps you set the stage, communicate key messages and direct a large group of people to focus on the key issues. I can capture the sentiment of the room and use the results to better facilitate conversation, improve engagement as well as capture comments and votes. There’s no more manual work and I can get results in an instant.That’s time saved and productivity gained”

Example Questions
Individual and group brainstorming What tips and tricks do you use to improve your creativity? What problems are you facing in your area? What can your area do to solve the problem of X?
Breakout group activities World Cafe format – What do you think would dramatically change our business? How would you rank these social network sites? What would we put under each of these themes/topics?
Consensual decision making Rank these movies according to the variables on the chart Allocate your dot votes on the GroupView for your favourite idea/s. Allocate your dots on the stakeholders who we think need our attention.
Panel and speaker engagement What questions do you have for each of these speakers? What questions do you have for each of these topics? Add your question to this list.


  • Provides flexibility and function for a range of facilitation techniques and questioning styles.
  • Easy pilot/ passenger settings to manage group activity and dynamics.
  • Provides valuable information for decision making based on key priorities, supported ideas and the level of consensus.
  • Creates an engaging experience for participants and an opportunity to contribute.
  • Instantly produce reports for analysis.
  • Easy to use.

We help people think better together.

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