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GroupMap is a digital facilitation tool that creates collaborative, interactive workshops

We support industry best practice group facilitation techniques with templates that you can customize.

Easily create activities to suit your workshop activities and set the rules of engagement. Access a wide range of features that boost your facilitation toolbox and drive decision quality. Capture and share ideas, comments, votes, scores, images and files to create rich dialogue and drive evidence-based decisions.

GroupMap gives everyone a visual space to share and prioritise ideas in a safe and secure environment, face to face or online. Real-time results gives everyone more time to focus on meaningful conversations.

Get ready to think better together.

Better brainstorming and group decision making

Seriously good facilitation

Effectively communicate key objectives and processes of your workshop with an instant tool kit of customisable visual templates.

Foster more meaningful conversations with a range of brainstorming styles, prioritisation techniques and audience engagement tools.

Save everyone time and money by reducing waste, improving decision quality and creating efficient workflows.

Powering up participants

Giving everyone a voice and for ideas to be shared without bias and for the collective wisdom of the crowd to become visible.

People feel heard, engaged and empowered whether they are in the same room or around the world.

Fast, reliable cross-browser and cross-device capability with nothing to download means that people can get started easily.

Accountable workshop outcomes

Enrich the conversations by capturing ideas from simple sentences to fully detailed concepts with images, descriptions links and categories.

Create an action-oriented workshop – add actions against ideas to move people forward.

Easily demonstrate workshop outcomes with tailored, exportable reporting from the whole session to a single idea.

Want to create engaging workshops with impact? Here’s a little inspiration

Start from one of our 60+ templates or create your own that you can rinse and repeat. From design thinking and creative problem solving through to strategic planning or community consultation, GroupMap gives you the workshop tools to more effectively facilitate amazing conversations!


Judgement free, next level brainstorming without the bias

When you need the most creative ideas, honest answers or innovative solutions, GroupMap lets you create anonymous brainstorming sessions. Individual (or silent) brainstorming means that everyone can add their ideas and concepts without being influenced by others, including the boss! Share inspirations, pictures, hand-drawn images or notes without fear, production blocks or bias.

Create new business models and evaluate prototypes

When developing a new product or services, GroupMap’s design thinking templates can be customized to help develop a customer focussed mindset. Create an empathy map or value proposition canvas or allow people to evaluate prototypes for real-time, fast iterative feedback.

Transparent, effective strategic planning and evaluation

Capture your strategic planning goals to get people working on the same page. Strategies can be shared with clear objectives in mind to ensure alignment and strategies can be evaluated based on merit, not the loudest voice in the room. From a SWOT Analysis or PEST scan to strategy formulation and execution, GroupMap lets you have a clear evaluation process and a way to capture key discussion points.

Give everyone a voice, build consensus and identify blockages

Change can be challenging. GroupMap helps you meet that challenge by giving people an opportunity to voice their opinion and to tackle the barriers to change in a collaborative way. Whether it’s a conflict resolution map, anchors and engines exercise or simply to help contextualise the need for change, GroupMap provides a consultative workshop tool that helps ensure that people feel heard and listened to.

Capture and share thinking during  breakout sessions 

Easily create activities for breakout groups where people can share comments, ideas or solutions. Show this on the ‘big screen” with everyone to consider. Use a digital scribe or have people add their thoughts around key topics.

Create engagement, excitement and interest

Run a quick poll or survey the audience and show results in real time, or get feedback from your workshop session at the end of the activity to help with continuous improvement of your workshop delivery.


Learner-centred delivery made easy

Get people thinking, sharing and learning. Break down a case study, explore the issue from different perspectives or create a collaborative learning activity that requires people to work together. Create professional development sessions that get people talking, sharing and growing!

  • Went down as one of the best PD sessions ran, my team were still talking about how to engage afterwards.

    Dr Julie Howe Curtin University
  • Achieved a 'flipped classroom' situation. Thank you for providing an enlightening experience of the paradigm shifting potential that ICT has for teaching and learning.

    Dr John Rice Australian Council Deans of Science
  • I think of GroupMap as The Voice of Collaboration, and could not recommend it more highly.  

    Lainey Weiser Just Start IT
  • The potential for this program in a variety of learning situations is enormous.

    Miranda Free Curtin University Mathematics Tutor
  • Just wanted to reiterate the value that Groupmap provides. It is really the best of breed!

    Paul Williams Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Curtin University
  • Very flexible, configurable, easy to use.

    Andy Cleff Drama Fever
  • I have used GroupMap in a simulation exercise for a final year unit that I tutored. In this class, select students had to communicate with mock patients in our model pharmacy room while being filmed in real-time for the rest of the class to observe. To allow for detailed feedback to be provided, I simply asked my students to make constructive comments on a 'Pros/Cons' GroupMap template while observing their fellow student perform in the simulation exercise. The use of GroupMap to assist in peer-feedback provision -  and its subsequent use to drive class discussion - were well received by all three classes that I tutored.

    Dr Kenneth Lee Senior Lecturer Curtin University
  • Very useful teaching tool

    Luke Butcher Associate Lecturer Curtin University
  • I am very impressed with GroupMap and was introduced to it via Curtin. I am using it with all my classes. I also teach at ECU. and have used this trial licence to facilitate a review with one of my classes. I shared this information with my UC who has forwarded it to others in the school. Thank you for developing such a great tool!

    Katie Turton University Lecturer
  • It is easy to use and a great way to efficiently gather data in student learning and thinking.

    Kerry House Satisfied Customer

Features designed for classrooms

Capture drawings, pictures, links and documents

Snap a picture of that incredible prototype or creative butchers paper output and encourage greater sharing, collaboration and creativity. Don’t let great ideas go to waste!

Group ideas to synthesize thinking for discussion

Find common themes and groupings for ideas. Discuss, synthesize and pull all similar ideas into a group. Decide between facilitator only or audience based grouping.

Prioritize ideas effectively and efficiently

From simple dot voting or a thumbs up/thumbs down vote to multi-variable weighted scoring, you see results instantly in order to build group consensus and know where to focus your time and energy.

Poll or survey your audience

There is no need to switch tools or applications. Capture a quick thought, run a check in / check out, poll the audience or evaluate your session.  Get even more engagement and insights easily.

Save buckets of time with dynamic, exportable reporting

Download an image or PDF for an activity in just a click or customise the data you want for your reports and export it to Excel or CSV. Drill down to individual ideas or participant for a full detailed report or look across a range of ideas to see how they were evaluated and ranked.

Control the tech and focus the conversation

We believe that conversations and connections are key. GroupMap lets you lock the map, hide views or prevent further changes allowing you to “turn off the tech” and turn on the talk. When you are ready, bring everyone back to capture highlights. You can even use directed brainstorming to create a central capture point.

A safe space for everyone to share ideas

Trusted by banks, governments and universities through to professional facilitators, GroupMap uses 256-bit TLS security and meets GDPR And privacy laws to keep you, your data and your participants safe.

Manage bias and group think

Make ideas anonymous to encourage more honest or creative responses. Use individual brainstorming mode to manage social loafing and anchoring. All our voting and rating stages are done independently before results are revealed so that they are free from influence.

Create action items linked to ideas

One of the biggest complaints from workshop attendees is feeling like there were no take away actions. GroupMap has an optional action step that allows you to capture key action points against ideas that can be assigned a target date and owner. Export and share the report or take action items into a new map for further discussion.  

We’ve done the hard work so you can sleep well at night

Ready to use

No need to download and install or create accounts. Works across browsers and devices.


Add your logo and a customised landing page to GroupMap.

Multiple facilitators

Great for concurrent sessions or just for an extra pair of hands.

Partner with us

We’ve have run workshops from 30 to 1,100 people. We can help design, support and co-facilitate.

Synchronous or asynchronous

Open up the process flow or manage participants through stages. The choice is yours.

Augment your video conferences and other online meeting tools like Skype, Zoom or Webex. GroupMap’s range of features makes it the chosen digital facilitation tool used by professional facilitators, consultants and workshop organizers from around the world.