Mood Wall GroupMap with names as an icebreaker

What is a Mood Wall?

A Mood Wall is a simple tool that allows people to share their current emotional state or mood by placing their name on a board that displays a range of emoticons.

This is a powerful way to build empathy and get a sense of the energy and mindset of the people in the room.

Using a Mood Wall requires minimal setup. You can choose a range of emotions and simply have people add their names on the Wall. You can go the extra step by having them comment on why they feel that way. 

A Mood Wall can be a fun icebreaker that sets the tone for a collaborative and empathy-focused meeting.

Why use a Mood Wall?

Besides being a really simple way of getting everyone to check in and be present for the meeting, a Mood Wall can:

  • Encourage self reflection. Having people check in on their own feelings helps them become aware of their own emotional state as they start the meeting.
  • Encourages communication. People can share a single feeling and reason for their choice; this helps to break down barriers.
  • Builds empathy and understanding. By being aware of how the team is feeling, this can help people work better together.

When Should I Use a Mood Wall?

A Mood Wall can be used by meeting or workshop facilitators. It can also be used by teachers and lecturers. They are useful for:

  • Company meetings to encourage openness and collaboration.
  • Market research sessions for people to add their reactions.
  • Counselling or design thinking sessions to practice empathy.
  • Team building events to kick off a big workshop.
Tips for your Mood Wall Ice Breaker

Mood Wall Template

groupmap-template-moodwall-with emotions-img

How to Run a Mood Wall

Draw, print or write different emoticons on a large whiteboard or wall and hand out sticky notes to each person who can then add their names to the wall. Then invite each person to add their name to the emoticon that best reflects how they feel.

Alternatively, you can use an online brainstorming tool like GroupMap for both real-time and remote sessions. It can also be set up so that people add their names independently and are therefore not influenced by other people’s responses. You can then reveal the results in total to the whole group. This will reduce bias and anchoring.

Create the Mood Wall

Use the template to choose your emoticons.


People add their names to the relevant emoticon.


Get people to share why they are feeling that way today.

Cross Device Compatibility

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