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Collaborative, engaging and outcome-focused team meetings

From your project meetings to strategic planning days, GroupMap provides you with the ability to get the best ROI with a digital facilitation and meeting tool without the hefty price tag. Foster collaboration and alignment of goals and drive your team forward.

Easy to use, customisable meeting templates brings everyone onto the same page in a safe and secure environment for ideas to be shared and actions to be created. Create buy-in, accountability and engagement while improving decision quality. Plan, brainstorm, group, discuss, prioritise, create action items and generate reports with easy to use, visual meeting templates you can customize to suit you.

What people say

GroupMap… Powering collaboration and brainstorming around the world

An effective tool that makes your meetings more productive

Reduce wasted meeting times
Aimless meetings, re-writing illegible sticky notes, lack of accountability and endless talk fests are all pain points. GroupMap lets everyone collaborate in real time on visual, organised templates that fit your specific objectives with results that can be shared.
Free ideas from bias and build buy in

Anonymous settings, individiual silent brainstorms and independent voting and evaluation frees ideas from bias and rank.

With a range of prioritsation tools to reveal the best ideas, you can easily see alignment and differences to better focus conversations.

Inclusive, action-focused meetings

Whether your team is in the same room or around the world, bring them onto the same page in a secure environment. Run a survey to check in on team health and take affirmative action.

Capture action items as you go to create meaningful outcomes from your meetings.

See GroupMap in action for these meetings

Need more reasons to choose us as your online meeting tool?

Re-usable, repeatable templates
Built out a meeting process you love? You can save your maps or workspaces as templates to be reused for the next meeting. No time? Use one of our 50+ templates to get your started.
Enterprise-grade security
We use 256 SSL just like the banks. Your data, privacy and content is kept safe, and backed up. SSO options are available for organisations. You can also find out more at our privacy centre.
Easily link to your video conference or presentation
A secure link or code can be shared on your video conference, Zoom or Skype meeting or presentation to get your participants working on the same page instantly. No downloads required.
Evidence-based reporting
Your meeting report shows you the process of the meeting, all the ideas and participant, comments, votes, ratings, scores and other prioritization techniques you used.