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What is a Corrective Action Plan?

A Corrective Action Plan is a systematic approach to addressing problems or issues that have been identified in a process, system, or project.

Why Use a Corrective Action Plan?

A Corrective Action Plan can be used when there is a need to address and improve an issue in the workplace. It could be the quality of a product or service, customer satisfaction, or the overall efficiency and effectiveness of a process or system.

It helps your organizations identify and address problems early on, before they become larger issues that can negatively impact the organization’s reputation, financial performance, and overall success.

Who Should Run One?

Anyone who is involved in a process or system can benefit from a corrective action plan. This includes

  • Individuals and teams responsible for quality control, risk management, and Six Sigma.
  • Project managers
  • Change agents and leaders
  • Team leaders and agile scrum masters
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Corrective Action Plan template

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How to Use the Corrective Action Plan Template

The Corrective Action Plan is a map designed to facilitate a collaborative approach to identifying and addressing issues in the workplace.

Start by making sure all stakeholders impacted by issues have access to the map. Using an online collaborative tool such as GroupMap allows those stakeholders to engage both in person and remotely. It can also allow for the group to share their input either synchronously or asynchronously depending on their availability.

As one section of the map leads to the next, it is best to work through it one column at a time. First have the group decide upon the top three issues it will discuss. Then have them settle on the corrective actions they will use to address them. Finally, have the group identify the various metrics that will be used to track success in the ‘Measurement’ column.


Add ideas one column at a time


Indicate which ideas you support


Share and implement agreed actions

Cross Device Compatibility

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