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Imagine yourself walking into class, sitting down at a table with a handful of others, ready to watch the teacher present. Sounds like you’re back in highschool right? Only this time, you and all your friends are teachers as well. January 2016 set the scene for an interactive workshop at the WA network dissemination teaching and learning forum. This year, the forum focused on innovation, excellence in teaching, and how this has evolved over the years.


How GroupMap is being used

Teaching the Teachers

So what are teachers using GroupMap for? Paul presented on how he used Edward De Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” format to brainstorm inclusive practices for students, or in this case as he endearingly referred to them as, Martians. From the sounds of it, he and his team enjoyed a great session, bringing out some creative ideas and solutions to cross cultural bridges before they came to them.

Smarter Planning

Bhadra, the manager for Curtin library’s learning services, went through some ways GroupMap is being used for unit planning. Instead of gathering up all the sticky notes or madly writing down notes during meetings, each person added their ideas and comments to a GroupMap over the course of about a month. Many hands make light work, and by the end of it Bhadra and the team had loads of information for unit information in one, easily accessible place. The best thing about it? Everyone was able to have their say, and see what others were talking about (without the hassle of scheduling around a dozen people’s busy lives). Less early morning meetings equals more sleep for everyone.

Deeper Discussion

Naggamal, a clinical and professional fellow, entertained us with her use of Groupmap in the more traditional classroom environment. Naggamal used GroupMap to look at the pros and cons of different medical radiation equipment with her students. With something as technical as this, she said it was great to see students able to explore topics with no one fixed answer, having the power to comment and give feedback to the conversation as it developed.


Find Out More

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check out the full presentation here. Think you’ve got a great lesson plan or activity GroupMap can support? Don’t be afraid to get in touch. Drop us an email

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