Facilitate with confidence and ease.

GroupMap gives you a simple, yet powerful tool to
Design, Discover and Deliver meetings, workshops and training sessions that help people think better together.

Choose a template and style or create your own


Start the way you want! 
Choose from more than 80 templates for a quick start, or customise and save them for future use.

Create the workspace you need!
From a simple blank wall of sticky notes and straightforward lists, to deep dives with multiple maps that support a myriad of activities. GroupMap’s templates let you build the stage you need to engage, focus, guide and inspire your team.

Follow a format or curate your own process


Define the flow of your meeting with a structure that works with you.

Select, customise and order the steps you need to cater for your specific audience and purpose.

Gauge and guide meeting progression with feedback tools such as simple dot voting, thumbs up/down through to multi-variate weighted scoring of ideas.

Create a safe space for ideas


Create a tone that is right for the occasion by managing participant anonymity.

Create an open and collaborative environment by showing names to everyone. Or make ideas and comments fully anonymous to maximise participation and honesty. Partial anonymity can remove peer pressure while still letting the facilitator manage conversation flow.

Categorise ideas with tags and select fields


Manage ideas to shape conversations and help thoughts evolve.

Theme or tag your ideas to help consolidate and make sense of the data. You can filter these results to focus the conversation. 

Add a colour legend to give meaning to ideas.  

Change permissions and prevent edit wars by stopping people from editing or moving ideas from others.

Showcase your style with custom backgrounds


Unleash your own creative backgrounds or images to inject novelty, energy or context to your session. Define how ideas appear (free form sticky notes, ordered sticky notes or lists).

Create polls and surveys to engage everyone


Quickly and easily check in with the group. 

GroupMap’s range of question types (free text, images, emoticons, star rating and sliders) allows you to swiftly gauge the mood of the room to inform next steps.

Poll and survey people at any time without having sign into another app. 



What everyone thinks in real time, free from
fear or bias in a simple, safe way.

     Invite by roles

     Brainstorming styles

     Enriched ideas

     Prioritized ideas

     What people think

Manage invitations and participant roles

Invite to workspace

Invite people securely by secure code, link or email. Have people view-only as you capture ideas, or invite them to contribute ideas and comments.  GroupMap’s event and enterprise plans allow for multiple facilitators in a map or workspace.

Brainstorm how and where you wish


Give people space to think, free from distraction, and add their ideas with individual brainstorming. Use collaboratively brainstorming for ideas to be shared in real-time. No downloads makes getting started easy.

Build on ideas with images, files, links and GIF’s

Level up ideas with images, links, files and gifs that add depth and meaning. The idea carousel allows you to present and capture new thoughts as you go.

Prioritise ideas by votes, rates, scores or position

Idea rating and prioritisation techniques with GroupMap

Combine a range of techniques and tools to assess and prioritize ideas that inform decisions and outcomes. GroupMap helps you deliver a demonstrably transparent decision-making process. All evidence is in clear view with both individual and group results informing the best way forward.

Explore differences and build consensus

Value Proposition Canvas

Individual positioning, rating and dot voting offers unbiased data to reflect the thinking of the group. Facilitators easily see if participants’ thoughts are aligned, or if different perspective require exploration.


Insights, feedback and results without manual collation and re-writing sticky notes.

Generate results in real-time that drive better decisions

SWOT Analysis with ratings

Inputs from the group (shown by individual position, rate and dot vote) reflect its true position regarding each idea in real time.

Generate word clouds of your results

Create a word cloud easily with GroupMap
Create a word cloud (based on the whole map, topic or category) with a single click to highlight words with greater prominence for simple, quick and impactful feedback. Download as an image.

Customise and export reports


Filter and customize columns. Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel) , then export them without the need for manual collation.


From strategy planning, design thinking, and problem solving to your very own custom think tank.

Map Styles

Blank walls, lists, canvas, mind map and charts. You can also create your own background.

Process Steps

Add surveys and polls, brainstorm, group, vote, rate, score, position, actions and results.

Import Ideas

Take the best ideas from one map to another of from small group discussions to one map for further discussion.


Show full names on ideas to partial anonymity to full anonymity for maximum psychological safety.

Secure Web App

Secure cloud based with no downloads. Share ideas in a secure and safe environment.

Enterprise Features

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Multiple Facilitators

Marshal your team and lead groups through your activities with confidence.

Artboard 16

Co-brand & Dashboard

Add your logo and company colours as well as your landing page and dashboard.

Design, Training and Support

We can help design maps, provide certified training or be your meeting co-pilot.

Share Saved Templates

Share templates across your organisation, saving time and providing uniformity.


We employ 256-bit SSL encryption, AES256 encryption at rest, utilise SOC2-certified infrastructure.


We only collect and store data for use of the service to ensure we meet our obligations.



Be covered under our enterprise, service level and data protection agreements, including security checks.


Authenticate users with single sign on and manage log ins and data security without having yet another password.