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Start with a template or create your own

Over 60 industry best practice templates to plan, brainstorm, prioritze and learn.

  • Design your own lists, charts and mind-maps.
  • Customize headings and instructions in your own language.
  • Create multiple copies or clone existing maps instantly.
  • Create workspaces with multiple activities all in the same space.
  • Create polls and surveys as part of your brainstorming activity.

Choose your level of anonymity

Decide what works best for your audience. GroupMap gives you an audience response tool with choice.

  • Have an open team? Show who came up with each idea.
  • Want to moderate and manage ideas? Make ideas anonymous between participants but known to the facilitator.
  • Need some home truths? Make it fully anonymous.
Brainstorm Style

Simply better brainstorming

GroupMap has great features that improve the quality of the input so you get better quality outputs. Here’s some of our favorites:

  • Let everyone respond individually, then see what the whole group thinks in real time.
  • Brainstorm collaboratively to inspire
  • Brainstorm independently to reduce group think.
  • Participants can respond honestly free from edit wars.
  • Powerful alternative to an audience response system.

Tailored to your conversation

Each group has its own dynamics and personality – so can your maps! From lightning brainstorms to full-on think-tanks, you can pick the tools to find the best ideas and focus the conversation.

  • Simple idea sorting
  • Agree or disagree with suggested ideas
  • Like or dislike ideas
  • Dot voting
  • Rate along multiple dimensions
  • Weighted scoring against multiple criteria
Tailored to your process
Real-time results

See the best ideas in real-time

Individual maps are combined in real time to reveal what the group really thinks.

  • See how individual input shapes the final output.
  • Visual cues that reveal where people placed ideas on their maps.
  • Reveals how everyone voted or rated.
  • Decide how ideas are displayed to hone in on the top issues.

Insightful reports

No more re-writing sticky notes or pictures of whiteboards? Here’s what our reports can do for you:

  • Summarize the entire map instantly into web reports or excel.
  • See how people contributed, and how they rated the activity.
  • Provide evidence and transparency into the decision making process.
  • Save you the time and stress of capturing what happened in the room.

Learn more about GroupMap

GroupMap can help you dramatically improve the output of brainstorming, group decision making and online collaboration.

There are proven reasons why people should brainstorm online and GroupMap provides you with a range of brainstorming tools to maximize this. These include:

  • No production block – everyone can have their say a lot faster and ideas are shared in real time.
  • Real time results – Retyping sticky notes and photos of whiteboard, counting sticky dots or ratings is time consuming, manual and is a waste of resources given the cost of meetings.
  • Equal say – Anonymity settings and multiple brainstorming styles to cater for different problems.
  • Flexible brainstorming – Allows you to set and change how you brainstorm online throughout your activity

GroupMap makes your planning and group decision making a lot easier and more efficient by providing a set of customizable brainstorming tools which you can use to fit your activity or design your own activity to brainstorm online. The results are exportable and you get even more insight into how people participated, statistics on ideas and evidence of the process. It removes the effect of group think and reticence in traditional brainstorming and gives facilitators a set of unique features that ensures greater focus on the issue at hand. Participants can brainstorm online directly from their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC – before, during or after the event.

GroupMap is an ideal decision making tool for facilitators, consultants and other fans of collaborative decision making. It provides a simple but insightful way to give participants a way to choose the best ideas.

  • Participants can position ideas along a scale, or in order on a list so you get a prioritised list that can be visualized quickly.
  • Use voting for group decision making through the idea of dotmocracy, allowing them to either allocate one or more dot votes to an idea. These are automatically tallied in the results, allowing you to sort and size them according to the number of dot votes.
  • Use sliders and let participants rate ideas on up to 3 dimensions for each idea (e.g. low to high, happy to unhappy). Display the ideas by the average rating but then drill down to see how each idea was rated by everyone.
  • Use likes and dislikes on ideas to get a sense of which ideas are getting the thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • Use the suggestive style of brainstorming which “suggests’ a number ideas in turn between participants allowing them to add or remove it (from their map only) to indicate consensus, without the impact of information overload and groupthink.

These features are just some of the ways you can enhance your group decision making process. Our group decision tool is designed to improved collaborative decision making which improves engagement, morale and buy in for the final action.

As an online collaboration tool, GroupMap is designed for teams to plan, brainstorm, prioritize and report on a range of education, business and consultation activities. Unlike other online collaboration software, we are aimed squarely how people think together, rather than just file sharing. Examples of online collaboration used by our clients include:

  • Gathering insights from workshop and conference participants
  • Project management meetings – stakeholders, risk planning, issue management, retrospectives.
  • Conflict and change management within organizations which require greater engagement.
  • Innovation brainstorming workshops for ideation around product and service design and delivery
  • Strategic planning using industry business based templates for creating and planning strategies.
  • Group response systems in flipped classrooms, interactive presentations, government consultation workshops and lectures.

So when planning on your next group activity, if your goal is to find an online collaboration tool that does more than just send files, then check out GroupMap. There’s also a 14 day free trial. You’ll see that we are an online collaboration software designed to give you the flexibility in workflow, a range of templates to focus online collaboration and a way to showcase your results.