How much does it cost for participants to join a map?

Nothing, zippo, nada, zilch. It’s always free for participants to join a map.  It’s also free to create an account. (No credit card needed.)

Can I customize my maps and change settings?

Absolutely! It’s one of the great features of GroupMap. You can change headings, map title and heading descriptions of your map. You can also add and remove steps to the process and decide on the workflow. After all, each team is different, so your maps should be as well. Check out our tour page, or GroupMap User Guide.

Can I embed my GroupMap into my website?

Yes, you can, but please contact us.  We are working towards letting you do this yourself in the future. In the meantime, you can see an example.

Can others change the maps settings?

No, only the map facilitator can change the map settings, so you stay in control every step of the way.

Can I share my map on social media?

Yes, you can, just copy the link from the map onto your social media platform of choice. If you have logged in with Facebook, you can post it straight to your wall and begin mapping with friends.

How can I keep track of activity in my GroupMaps?

You can get email notifications of your map activity. Don’t need these anymore? You can turn these notifications off.

How do I create my own template?

When you go to create a map, just choose the create my own option button and you’ll be given a range of blank canvas to customize as needed.

How do I remove a participant?

The best way to manage this is to change the map ID and re-invite the people you want.  It’s the only way we can guarantee that the person you don’t want in can’t re-access the map.

How do I moderate ideas?

As a map facilitator, you can block out any ideas simply by clicking on the idea and selecting the block option in the drop down menu.

How do I send my map to others?

You can share the map ID, email them directly from the application or sent them the short link once your map is created. Happy days.

How do I delete maps that I no longer want?

When in the ‘My Maps’ section, click on the map you would like to discard and click the ‘Remove’ button.Remove Map

How do I clone a previous map I’ve created?

To clone a map you have created, simply go to “My Maps”, click on the map menu, then select ‘use as map template’. This will keep the settings and headings, but not the ideas itself.



Do I need a GroupMap account to join a map?

No, you don’t need an active paid account to join a map, but feel free to sign up and enjoy a free trial. This will let you to create your own maps.

What browsers and devices can I use?

GroupMap works on phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and Mac with Chrome 18+, Firefox 16+, IE 10+ or Safari 5+. Best of all, there’s nothing to download or software to install.

How do I delete my account?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but you can delete your account by writing to us at

How do I print my map?

In the map that you want to print, click on the side menu and then click on reports. You can get a map image, a PDF or JPEG download.

What security is in place for my data?


GroupMap is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and therefore many of our security features are shared with other Amazon AWS services. Amazon AWS Security Overview is available at
  • Transport layer security. All your data is transmitted between your devices and our servers using 256-bit SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption signed by COMODO RSA Certification Authority. This is equivalent to the transport security protocols utilised by online commerce and banking applications.
  • Physical security. Servers where GroupMap stores its data are large-scale data centers with military grade perimeter control. Physical access is controlled by professional security staff with video surveillance and state-of-the-art intrusion detection.
  • Backups. All GroupMap data is backed up hourly and daily automatically. Backups are stored in multiple physical locations.
  • Passwords. GroupMap account passwords are never stored in plain text, and are encrypted with a one-way hash algorithm with salt. User data can only be accessed by authorized users with the correct email and password.
  • Data access policy. We maintain very limited personnel access to our production databases, and only authorised individuals have the keys to access the production databases. Our strict policies ensure we only access your data for specific cases of data recovery or other special circumstances.

How do I use GroupMap on my Android or IOS phone, ipad or tablet?

Easy, just open up a browser (Chrome 18+, Firefox 16+, Safari 5+, IE 9+) and head to our site.

What are the export options?

You can export maps to Excel, CSV, JPEG, PDF or share the link for a more dynamic experience.

Who can see my GroupMap?

Only the people who you have invited via email, shared the Map ID or Link will be able to see your GroupMap.

Will I ever lose my map?

We back up your information twice a day and all your data is saved securely in real-time. The only time you will lose your map data is if you delete your map or have an inactivate subscription for more than three months.

Still have a question? Just write to us and we’ll be happy to answer it.