A fantastic tool for any character analysis whether it be for film, tabletop roleplaying or literature.

Easily create a Character Map

Characters can be deeply unique and complex beings, in many ways similar to real life people. This template provides a way to flesh out and understand what drives a character. Does the character have any interesting mannerisms? Do others cower away or embrace the character?

Independently or collaboratively brainstorm facts and assumptions about characters, either in a team or by yourself. The result is an in-depth analysis that will give everyone a broader understanding of the factors surrounding the character and their development.

Explore the character

It’s easy to get lost in the plot of a story, and sometimes it’s hard to see how a character fits in. Use this simple guide in order to quickly complete your Character Map.

Step 1 – Select the Character Map template, and invite any participants via email, Map ID or web link.

Step 2 – Brainstorm ideas under each of the sections, adding pictures, videos, or any other materials that help to best describe the character.

Step 3 – Results will be combined real time. You can click on an idea to see who created it.

Hint: Customize the map through the menu at the top left, changing the title or question headings to suit the character.