Useful online tool for idea generation!

As made popular by Gamestorming, the How Now Wow matix allows groups to plan ideas, organize thoughts and brainstorm online. If your classroom, business or team needs a creative tool – this is the map for you! Simple and easy to use – the How Now Wow matrix is your solution. Encourage groundbreaking innovation with  your team. After all, it’s all about collaboration! Don’t worry, GroupMap offers a free trial of the How Now Wow matrix – so sign up today for your 14 days of online brainstorm solutions. Think better together!

Generate ideas with the How Now Wow Matrix:

40 Minutes

  • Step 1 – Add your title and instructions to the How Now Wow matrix. This helps to focus your team’s thinking, Invite your team into the map by password and begin the brainstorming process.
  • Step 2 – Start your team off by discussing the normal ideas that are easy to implement and place each idea in their corresponding box, the ‘Now’ box would be the best solution.
  • Step 3 – Next with your team begin to brainstorm original ideas that you would dream about implementing in the future, place these ideas in the ‘How’ box.
  • Step 4 – Now it’s time to brainstorm the innovative, breakthrough ideas with your team, place these ideas in the ‘Wow’ box.
  • Step 5 – Each group member now can dot vote on their desired ideas that they feel is best suited to be implemented in the near future or what they would like to see be implemented .
  • Step 6 – If there are ideas that you perceive to be impossible to implement or least likely feel free to place those ideas in the blank box, this will serve as a reminder of what your past ideas were.
  • Step 7 – Now it’s time to generate a report. Head on over to the report tab and generate a report and revise with your team.

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Getting your best people together to work on strategy is critical to the success of your business. But group activities have an opportunity cost and it’s essential to optimize your time and effort. GroupMap is the effective way to brainstorm, discuss, and decide, and solves many of the problems commonly associated with group activities.

Whether you have your best minds together in the same room, or distributed around the world, GroupMap’s unique technology allows groups of up to 2000 to submit ideas independently at separate times, from different places, in different timezones. Prevent dominant personalities swaying the group, drowning out the opinions of others – GroupMap allows everyone to brainstorm independently then effortlessly combines that information to reveal the full spectrum of ideas. GroupMap templates keep the objective front and center throughout the session, keeping everyone on task. This ensures the activity identifies actionable issues rather than becoming just a discussion on ideas. GroupMap gives you all the group decision making tools you need to prioritize, decide and take action.

Create your first map and invite people in to start sharing their thoughts right NOW. Experience the power of GroupMap with our 14-day, no risk, FREE trial. You don’t even need to provide your credit card details to access to all of our features, including the entire suite of templates, for a full 14 days.

Think better together with GroupMap