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Feature Basic Professional Organization

Map creators

Number of users who can create new maps.
1 1 Custom

Included participants per map or workspace

Total participants (including guest facilitators, contributors and viewers) who can be invited to join your maps. Participants do not need GroupMap accounts to join an existing map.
10 50
10 on Professional Trial


Workspaces make it easy to run multiple activities with the same group of participants, whether it's all on one day or spread out over multiple weeks.

Invite by email, qr-code or map ID

You can invite participants to join your maps via email, a nine-digit map ID, or by QR-code

Invite contributors

Contributor participants can take part in map activities (adding ideas, voting, rating etc), but cannot change map settings or invite other participants.

Invite viewers

Viewer participants can see the map results but cannot participate in map activities.

Invite guest facilitators

Guest facilitator participants can take part in map activities (adding ideas, voting, rating etc), and can also change map settings or invite other participants.

Process Design Basic Professional Organization

Map templates

Start with one of our 60+ templates for common activities, or design your own.

Mind-map, chart and list designs

Your maps can use a mind-map layout, a chart layout (where ideas can be positioned anywhere on an XY-axis) or a list layout (where ideas are sorted into one or more lists).

Brainstorm, Group, Vote, Position, Rate, Action, and Results activities

Brainstorm, Group, Vote, Position, Rate, Action, and Results activities

Consent and Survey activities

Request contributors provide consent prior to commencing a map activity; or complete a simple multiple choice survey.

Customize idea fields

Add one or more custom text fields to each idea.

Create your own templates

Save time by creating new maps using one your previous maps as a template.

Facilitator Controls Basic Professional Organization

Lock maps, lock/hide individual stages

Control the movement of your participants through your activity by locking or hiding individual stages; or even locking the entire map.

Lock participants to stage

Control the movement of your participants through your activity by locking them to a specific stage.

Import ideas from another map

Save time by importing ideas from another map - even if that map uses a different design. You choose which ideas go where.

Reporting Basic Professional Organization

Generate PDF reports

Generate PDF reports

Save map image (JPG or PDF)

Save map image (JPG or PDF)

Stage reports

View an individual report on each stage of your activity - who added what, which ideas got the most votes, best ratings etc.

Participant activity reports

View a summary report of each participants contribution - how many ideas they added, votes they placed etc.

Stage reports by participant

Extended stage reports

Individual idea reports

Drill-down on individual ideas

Individual participant reports

Drill-down on individual participants

Organizational Features Basic Professional Organization

Single Sign-on

Sign into GroupMap with your existing work username/password via LDAP or SAML


Add your own branding to GroupMap screens and reports

Custom Sub-domain

Create a custom sub-domain for your users

  • Our brainstorming sessions are much more efficient allowing us to spend more time on the group perspective. We love that we don’t need to write up whiteboard notes and post it notes after the session which saves us a lot of time.

    Glen Bergsman Go Cap
  • The beauty of the site is its simplicity, and yet a powerful communication tool.

    Lisa Owens Operations Manager, MountainGoat Software
  • Impressive, useful and highly recommended.

    Margaret Dawkins Executive Director, Strategy, Information Programs, Department of Communities
  • Just wanted to reiterate the value that Groupmap provides. It is really the best of breed!

    Paul Williams Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Curtin University
  • An innovative way of marshalling collaboration.

    John Broom Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC)
  • Specifically built to make team activities easy, providing a unique platform for anyone to respond on a map, with any parameters you set.

    Grace Smith Mashable
  • There is so much you can learn from collaborative input. It's user friendly, effective and stats are only one button away. Ingenious.

    George Hedon Founder, Pause Festival
  • GroupMap was very well-received and the planning committees really enjoyed the sleek, modern, colorful look to them.

    Elisabeth Lockerby Associate, Burba Hotel Network
  • A visual, organised way for people to make decisions collaboratively.

    Charlie Gunningham Business News - Chief Operations Officer
  • I used it for a large group facilitation and it worked like a dream. People took to it very quickly and the results were instant.

    Marjolein Towler Consultus
  • Went down as one of the best PD sessions ran, my team were still talking about how to engage afterwards.

    Dr Julie Howe Curtin University
  • An innovative tool that allows real-time collaborative brainstorming and decision making.

    Sue Findley WAIITA - Chair
  • GroupMap has allowed us to get the best team outcomes from our strategy bootcamps as the voice of each team member gets heard.

    Glenn Bergsma Director
  • The collected data is worth gold!

    Bojan Boskovic Director, Republika Festival
  • I really enjoyed this planning session and I think GroupMap provides an excellent platform for everyone to have their input and still keep the process efficient.

    Brendon Vines Board Member 55 Central
  • Easy, fun, creative... Enabled over 30 people with diverse views to share their opinions, collaborate and find time, ideas and thinking. Very exciting.

    Dr Nicky Howe CEO, Southcare Inc
  • We found people were energised throughout the day... What a privilege to recommend GroupMap as a collaborative technological enabler for larger group brainstorming forums and collective learning workshops.

    Dianna Vitasovic Director, Innovation Culture
  • Ideas were captured and shared at a much faster rate which meant session times could be reduced... shows again how new technology makes us even more efficient.

    Cathryn Battersby Community Relations, Curtin University
  • We really enjoyed using GroupMap to do an ideation workshop for 200 people. It was great to get real time ideas, and also lessen the time to act on them. (leadership was amazed that I wasn't going to have to spend days entering post-its!)

    Jon Racic Senior UI Developer

Do participants need an account to join a map?

No. You can invite people to participate in a map whether or not they have an GroupMap account.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Invoice-based payments can be requested for our annual, organization and event plans.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account page after logging in. Cancellations will take effect at the end of your current billing period.