Scrum Values in Action

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What is Scrum Values in Action?

Scrum Values in Action is a fun and easy icebreaker that can help your team get to know each other better and help them start to think about how the Scrum values apply to them.

The five Scrum Values are essential for creating an effective and productive team. It will help them work together better to achieve their goals. The values are:

  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Focus
  • Respect

Why use Scrum Values in Action?

Scrum Values in Action can help deliver all of the benefits of an icebreaker with a focus on Scrum. It encourages participation, helps to build relationships, and creates a positive atmosphere for the meeting. It can help to reduce any tension that may be in the room as well as increase engagement and energy levels.

This icebreaker is an excellent way of revisiting the Scrum Values and can act as a gentle reminder of the values themselves.

Importantly, discussing the Scrum Values is a helpful way to build a solid and cohesive team culture.

This helps a team stay focused on project goals and encourages continuous improvement.

Tips for running Scrum Values in Action

Who Should Use Scrum Values in Action?

Scrum Values in Action is a great tool to kick off an agile retrospective. They are useful for Scrum Masters and their agile software development teams.

It can also be used by any group looking to start a conversation around team culture and values.

Scrum Values in Action Template

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How to Run Scrum Values in Action

Start with a positive mindset. Welcome input and thank people for their response. Remind people that there are no wrong answers and that they should be able to share freely and without fear.
Explain what each of the values means. Then invite the group to think about behaviors that could reflect those values.

Using an online Icebreakers tool means that people can collaborate, see ideas in real-time, and can add comments.


Add behaviours or actions for each value


Ask people to explain their choices

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