What is the Character Trait Map?

CHARACTER MAP is a graphic organizer that helps students unpack a character in a piece of literature, film or play and how they impact or is impacted by the other characters. It helps to explore the character from various aspects and allows the student to self reflect on how that character is portrayed and the impact on the reader.
Students analyse the character and their traits in a more organized way by using clues and information from the text, including the plot,  to make inferences.  This helps them better appreciate how their character adds to the story and their role in delivering a message.

Easily create a Character Map

Characters can be deeply unique and complex beings, in many ways similar to real life people. This template provides a way to flesh out and understand what drives a character. Does the character have any interesting mannerisms? Do others cower away or embrace the character?

By having guiding questions that help to prompt thinking and to allow people to independently or collaboratively brainstorm their ideas, this provides an in-depth analysis that gives everyone a broader understanding of the factors surrounding the character and their development.

How do I create a lesson plan with a character trait analysis map?

Use this simple guide in order to quickly create a character traits template that can be shared.


Step 1 – Select the Character Map template, and invite people in via email, Map ID or web link. Explain the purpose of the character trait map elements. Then read or view the text, film or play and start some initial discussion or provide an example.

Step 2 – Have each student brainstorm their ideas under each of the sections, adding pictures, videos, or any other materials that help to best describe the character.

Step 3 – Results will be combined real time. You can click on an idea to see who created it. You can then facilitate the discussion, clarify ideas, challenge assumptions and provide real time feedback.

Hint: Customize the map through the menu settings to choose the headings that best represent the nature of the literature being reviewed.

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