How Now Wow Matrix

What is a How Now Wow Matrix?

A How Now Wow matrix is an idea selection tool, made popular by Gamestorming. It helps groups to brainstorm, plan ideas, and organize their thoughts collaboratively. The matrix categorizes ideas based on their originality and the ease of implementation.
  • How – represents ideas that are innovative, but difficult to implement so they are not yet feasible, but might be worth considering as future goals.
  • Now – represents unoriginal ideas which are familiar, easy to implement, and proven to work well.
  • Wow – represents new ideas that are easy to implement and executable ideas that can be actualized. Aim to form as many ideas in this category as you can.

Why use a How Now Wow Matrix?

The How Now Wow matrix is straightforward and easy to use for uncovering the best ideas and when to implement them. The technique encourages the team to let their thoughts flow, and the group dynamic builds on that creativity to encourage groundbreaking innovation.

Who Can Use a How Now Wow Matrix?

Any organization or team wanting to stimulate new ideas can use this versatile tool. You can use it to solve problems, develop new services and products, or improve the way things are done.

Facilitation tips

How Now Wow Template

The dimensions used for a How Now Wow matrix template are:

  • Originality – The horizontal axis rates ideas as normal or innovative
  • Ease of Implementation – The vertical axis rates ideas as easy or difficult to implement.


This part of the template stays empty as no organization has much use for unoriginal ideas that are challenging to achieve.

However, you can use this space to park ideas that after consideration you feel are impossible to implement. It serves as a record they were considered.


Low risk and highly acceptable ideas. They are sometimes referred to as low-hanging fruit.
Action: Implement to fill gaps in existing organizational processes for incremental benefits.


These are breakthrough ideas that are impossible to implement within current organizational constraints – eg. budget, skill level, technology.
Action: Explore possibilities, but place them on hold until implementation is more feasible.


Innovative breakthrough ideas that can be implemented relatively easily. They have enormous potential for big benefits.
Action: Develop a plan to implement these ideas.

How to Create a How Now Wow Matrix

The time to run a How Now Wow session depends on the size of the group, and the objectives of the meeting. However, there is no reason why you can’t brainstorm and prioritize activities, in under 40 minutes.

Tip The How Wow Now framework works best in a group where people feel able to express their opinions freely, and creativity is a result of the group dynamic. Usually, each step would be done as a single group or several smaller groups using a whiteboard, post it notes, or an online collaboration tool such as GroupMap. However, if you want to avoid groupthink or peer pressure, you can brainstorm ideas individually in the first instance and then combine them to get the complete picture.


Define the scope and the objectives of the of the How Now Wow session.


Gather ideas from the group.


Collate and consolidate ideas.


Assess the originality and ease of implementation and position on the matrix.


Vote on the ideas you feel are most important.


Share the outcomes with relevant stakeholders.

Cross Device Compatibility

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