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  • Easy, fun, creative... Enabled over 30 people with diverse views to share their opinions, collaborate and find time, ideas and thinking. Very exciting.

    Dr Nicky Howe CEO, Southcare Inc
  • The beauty of the site is its simplicity, and yet a powerful communication tool.

    Lisa Owens Operations Manager, MountainGoat Software
  • GroupMap was very well-received and the planning committees really enjoyed the sleek, modern, colorful look to them.

    Elisabeth Lockerby Associate, Burba Hotel Network
  • An innovative way of marshalling collaboration.

    John Broom Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC)
  • We found people were energised throughout the day... What a privilege to recommend GroupMap as a collaborative technological enabler for larger group brainstorming forums and collective learning workshops.

    Dianna Vitasovic Director, Innovation Culture
  • Impressive, useful and highly recommended.

    Margaret Dawkins Executive Director, Strategy, Information Programs, Department of Communities
  • Went down as one of the best PD sessions ran, my team were still talking about how to engage afterwards.

    Dr Julie Howe Curtin University
  • I used it for a large group facilitation and it worked like a dream. People took to it very quickly and the results were instant.

    Marjolein Towler Consultus
  • Achieved a 'flipped classroom' situation. Thank you for providing an enlightening experience of the paradigm shifting potential that ICT has for teaching and learning.

    Dr John Rice Australian Council Deans of Science
  • Ideas were captured and shared at a much faster rate which meant session times could be reduced... shows again how new technology makes us even more efficient.

    Cathryn Battersby Community Relations, Curtin University
  • Specifically built to make team activities easy, providing a unique platform for anyone to respond on a map, with any parameters you set.

    Grace Smith Mashable
  • A great tool for project teams to quickly brainstorm and analyse their stakeholders.

    Tamzin Morphy
  • The collected data is worth gold!

    Bojan Boskovic Director, Republika Festival
  • There is so much you can learn from collaborative input. It's user friendly, effective and stats are only one button away. Ingenious.

    George Hedon Founder, Pause Festival
  • I really enjoyed this planning session and I think GroupMap provides an excellent platform for everyone to have their input and still keep the process efficient.

    Brendon Vines Board Member 55 Central
  • We really enjoyed using GroupMap to do an ideation workshop for 200 people. It was great to get real time ideas, and also lessen the time to act on them. (leadership was amazed that I wasn't going to have to spend days entering post-its!)

    Jon Racic Senior UI Developer
  • A visual, organised way for people to make decisions collaboratively.

    Charlie Gunningham Business News - Chief Operations Officer
  • GroupMap has allowed us to get the best team outcomes from our strategy bootcamps as the voice of each team member gets heard.

    Glenn Bergsma Director
  • An innovative tool that allows real-time collaborative brainstorming and decision making.

    Sue Findley WAIITA - Chair
  • I think of GroupMap as The Voice of Collaboration, and could not recommend it more highly.  

    Lainey Weiser Just Start IT
  • The potential for this program in a variety of learning situations is enormous.

    Miranda Free Curtin University Mathematics Tutor
  • Just wanted to reiterate the value that Groupmap provides. It is really the best of breed!

    Paul Williams Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Curtin University
  • Our brainstorming sessions are much more efficient allowing us to spend more time on the group perspective. We love that we don’t need to write up whiteboard notes and post it notes after the session which saves us a lot of time.

    Glen Bergsman Go Cap
  • I’ve used GroupMap in a virtual brainstorm session with 5 participants at 2 different locations lasting 90 minutes. Participants were instantly comfortable using the system and it performed consistently well. They actually enjoyed it and wanted to add ideas. They also liked that I didn’t have to be running the show all the time and they could make mods independently... Great App!

    Rob Franz Assistant Purchasing Director PACCAR Inc
  • I used GroupMap at a dairy leaders summit in Melbourne yesterday to identify BIG ideas for participants to implement across 4 topics. Went really well with good discussion and quick reporting - a saviour as we had a ‘non-negotiable’ deadline to work toward.

    Andrew Huffer Director and Principal Consultant Andrew Huffer and Associates
  • Easy to use and helpful to guide our conversations.

    Erica Impact Point Marketing
  • Easy to use. Communicates well. Easy to understand - intuitive. Great support from the GM team.

    Jan Eirik Gjerdevik Proactima
  • Very flexible, configurable, easy to use.

    Andy Cleff Drama Fever
  • I like the possibilities and think some of my colleagues could use it. I have already recommended it to a number of people

    Charlie Mulholland Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • LearnX is always on the lookout for ways to demonstrate cutting edge technologies in the world of learning. We are excited to let you know that we will be using GroupMap for delegates at the Awards to help judge the finalists in the Best E-Learning Video Category. We can't wait for you to be part of the action!

    Rob Clarke LearnX Foundation
  • It works and it's useful.

    Teri Balser Dean of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin University
  • I have used GroupMap in a simulation exercise for a final year unit that I tutored. In this class, select students had to communicate with mock patients in our model pharmacy room while being filmed in real-time for the rest of the class to observe. To allow for detailed feedback to be provided, I simply asked my students to make constructive comments on a 'Pros/Cons' GroupMap template while observing their fellow student perform in the simulation exercise. The use of GroupMap to assist in peer-feedback provision -  and its subsequent use to drive class discussion - were well received by all three classes that I tutored.

    Dr Kenneth Lee Senior Lecturer Curtin University
  • Very useful teaching tool

    Luke Butcher Associate Lecturer Curtin University
  • It’s a great alternative to the omni-present flipchart paper that can often bring groans of ‘you’re making us work’ when they’re rolled out in a workshop.

    Andrew Huffer Andrew Huffer and Associates
  • I enjoyed using GroupMap for our discussion session during the GEVME Xchange event. We got great responses and we learned a lot more about what event professionals are facing - and how we can better help them!

    Veemal Gungadin CEO of
  • GroupMap has fundamentally changed the way we do business. As a facilitation consultancy that spent the last 20 years on butchers paper, GroupMap has met a real need for ourselves and our clients. Plus it's made us review and refresh the way we facilitate workshops.

    Will Bessen Tuna Blue Facilitation
  • I think this is better than sliced bread! Great product!

    Kevin Hale
  • Easy to use, great for our distributed teams.

    Scott Napieralski Global IT Infrastructure Delivery & Engineering at IHS
  • I am very impressed with GroupMap and was introduced to it via Curtin. I am using it with all my classes. I also teach at ECU. and have used this trial licence to facilitate a review with one of my classes. I shared this information with my UC who has forwarded it to others in the school. Thank you for developing such a great tool!

    Katie Turton University Lecturer
  • It is easy to use and a great way to efficiently gather data in student learning and thinking.

    Kerry House Satisfied Customer
  • It's practical, easy to use and manage.

    June Lim Student - Curtin University
  • I love your product!  It is outstanding and provides a way to facilitate meetings and come to decisions through participation.
    Cinco Delgado Chief Academic Officer
  • I loved my tutor using GroupMap -it certainly increased my collaborative participation.

    Tracy Koschny Student / Tertiary Educator
  • It's a vital part of our value we provide clients. Really flexible, responsive, value adding tool.

    Will Bessen Tuna Blue
  • I experienced GroupMap very well with the participants through the workshop. We no longer needed to use post-its and flip charts!! it's a great solution.

    Kazuyo Miyamoto NXP Semiconductors
  • We recently ran an interprofessional workshop utilising GroupMap. This is a fabulous tool which captured data in real time in eye-catching ways.   We love the GroupMap program, it is definitely a great time-saving tool which we will use regularly at our training events. Creating and modifying maps will cut our reporting time and drill down what is most relevant to participants needs.    

    Helen McLean Development Facilitator TRACS WA
  • Using GroupMap to run the table conversations and the panel questions was inspired... exactly the right tool for the job.

    Marcus Holmes Startup News
  • Love this product!

    Kevin Hale GroupMap Customer
  • I work for Cisco Corp Development group in Cisco. The meeting that I facilitated is from up my chain of command. Every executive in the meeting thought it was super easy and slick. It allowed the team to vote together, across geographies/location, and instantaneously see the results... And helped us to quickly move to pick top themes, gain owners (without the ego and debate).

    Mi Mae Ching CISCO
  • Overall I am finding GroupMap a tool that has wide applications across all aspects of teacher education as well as in-school and classroom practice. GroupMap fills a definite gap in teaching and learning practice as a partner in students’ cognitive development.

    Adelheid Stelter Teaching and Leadership Advisor
  • We have used GroupMap to replace parts of our scenario planning workshops to get things done without travelling. This is not only true for internal projects, but also for projects with clients from all over the world. The interface is easy to use and highly responsive. We estimate a 20% saving in costs and our clients find it easy and effective to use.

    Frank Becker Deloitte - Centre for Long Vision
  • Achieved a flipped classroom situation... thanks for showing us how ICT can create a paradigm shift

    Dr John Rice Executive Officer, Australian Council of Deans of Science
  • The whole concept of GroupMap fits so well with our classroom practice, it’s a very exciting and such a useful classroom too!

    Louise Bristow Teacher
  • I loved my tutor using GroupMap, it certainly increased my participation

    Tracy Koschny Student
  • I really liked that I could share my ideas and I could see what others said about our topics, so I could learn from the as well. I really liked that it was colourful and easy to use.

    Student Winthrop Primary School
  • Using this technology was the first time I have felt like a real student when doing my online course. I’m so glad my teacher is using it

    Student Curtin University
  • Unique solution, thoughtfully constructed templates support true collaboration and provocative analysis. Fun to play with, inviting attributes make for good workability. A great and versatile analysis and discussion tool. Data visualization element coupled with interactive technology promotes the generation of 'ideas, possibilities, and actions' and allows learners to 'connect the dots' and think for themselves.

    Victor Rivero EdTech Digest - Editor in Chief
  • GroupMap’s ability to connect people from various locations and watch ideas being added to the mind map in real-time was what convinced us that GroupMap was the best option.

    Nikki Clinton & Rich Glenny Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
  • Ease of use, and the opportunity to use [Groupmap] asynchronously over a longer period of time – so people could either contribute during a teleconference or in the week after if they couldn’t make it – were benefits we all appreciated from using GroupMap for our online brainstorming.

    Jan Geissler CEO, Patcovates
  • I have to say what an excellent job you did on this software. I DETEST learning new software - simply hate it. Yours is so user-friendly and so intuitive. I was at an (online) conference where we were sharing the software with a group of people likely to use it, and gave an unsolicited testimonial on how intuitive and impressively designed Groupmap is.

    Leigh Monichon Aspire Advocacy
  • The best feedback I heard was from a group of 35 consultants who ended up using a GroupMap Open Space as a substitute for a personal meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic. They had doubts that a virtual open space would work. In the end, they came out with better and more results than in any physical meeting before.

    Thomas Krecker TFK Consulting
  • GroupMap literally salvaged our virtual executive global event. We would not have been able to have our workshop nor accomplished as much without this tool.

    David Clarke Telescope Adviser
  • Other tools don’t provide the same level of interaction as GroupMap. It has a clear and concise process, from brainstorming to rating of opinions and ideas and finally the results. This is extremely useful with my groups. This type of interaction hasn’t been replicated by any of the other tools that I have used.

    Dr Zakhar Maleytski Water Harmony Global Initiative
  • [GroupMap] supported our business success in the 2020 shift. Without it, we’d be in a very different place. As a result, our clients continue to experience success and high levels of engagement, despite working remotely. We’ve heard from multiple clients that the meetings we use this tool in, ‘are the most productive online meetings this team has ever had.'

    Chris Hutchinson CEO, Trebuchet Group
  • The consistent feedback we receive is that people appreciate that GroupMap is user-friendly, and they really like the ability to collaborate and document in real-time. We also hear from folks that people appreciate seeing the bigger picture when we show group learning and aggregated themes / outliers and an ability to interact with each other’s posts through comments and likes, etc.

    Tim Merry & Tuesday Ryan Hart The Outside