Start with a template or create your own

Over 40 industry best practice templates to plan, brainstorm, develop strategy and educate.

  • Design your own lists, charts and mind-maps.
  • Customize headings and add instructions to focus thinking.
  • Create multiple copies or clone existing maps.
  • Each map has its own link/password, protected with SSL encryption.

Choose your level of anonymity

Decide what works best for your audience. GroupMap gives you an audience response tool with choice.

  • Have an open team? Show who came up with each idea.
  • Want to moderate and manage ideas? Make ideas anonymous between participants but known to the facilitator.
  • Need some home truths? Make it fully anonymous.

Simply better brainstorming

GroupMap has great features that improve the quality of the input so you get better quality outputs. Here’s some of our favorites:

  • Let everyone respond individually, then see what the whole group thinks in real time.
  • Show ideas between people to inspire or hide them to reduce group think.
  • Have a big group? Ideas are suggested to people in turn to give them equal air time.
  • People respond honestly on their map free from bias and edit wars.
  • Powerful and reflective alternative to an audience response system.

Tailored to your conversation

Each group has its own dynamics and  personality – so can your maps! From lightning brainstorms to full-on think-tanks, you can pick the tools to find the best ideas and focus the conversation.

  • Simple idea sorting
  • Agree or disagree with suggested ideas
  • Like and/or dislike ideas
  • Dot voting
  • Rate against up to three dimensions

See the best ideas in real-time

Individual maps are combined in real time to reveal what the group really thinks.

  • See how individual input shapes the final output.
  • Visual cues that reveal where people placed ideas on their maps.
  • Reveals how everyone voted or rated.
  • Decide how ideas are displayed to hone in on the top issues.

More insightful reports

No more re-writing sticky notes or pictures of whiteboards? Here’s what our reports can do for you:

  • Summarize the entire map instantly into web reports or excel.
  • See how people contributed, and how they rated the activity.
  • Provide evidence and transparency into the decision making process.
  • Save you the time and stress of capturing what happened in the room.

GroupMap works on modern browsers (Chrome 18+, Firefox 16+, Safari 5+, IE10+) on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Your free trial gives you access to all of our awesome features. No credit card needed.

  • Easy, fun, creative... Enabled over 30 people with diverse views to share their opinions, collaborate and find time, ideas and thinking. Very exciting.

    Dr Nicky HoweCEO, Southcare Inc
  • This is going to be an important tool for all educators.

    Dr Mark PegrumUniversity of Western Australia
  • The beauty of the site is its simplicity, and yet a powerful communication tool.

    Lisa OwensOperations Manager, MountainGoat Software
  • GroupMap was very well-received and the planning committees really enjoyed the sleek, modern, colorful look to them.

    Elisabeth LockerbyAssociate, Burba Hotel Network
  • An innovative way of marshalling collaboration.

    John BroomChair, The Executive Committee (TEC)
  • We found people were energised throughout the day... What a privilege to recommend GroupMap as a collaborative technological enabler for larger group brainstorming forums and collective learning workshops.

    Dianna VitasovicDirector, Innovation Culture
  • Impressive, useful and highly recommended.

    Margaret DawkinsExecutive Director, Strategy, Information Programs, Department of Communities
  • Went down as one of the best PD sessions ran, my team were still talking about how to engage afterwards.

    Dr Julie Howe Curtin University
  • I used it for a large group facilitation and it worked like a dream. People took to it very quickly and the results were instant.

    Marjolein TowlerConsultus
  • Achieved a 'flipped classroom' situation. Thank you for providing an enlightening experience of the paradigm shifting potential that ICT has for teaching and learning.

    Dr John RiceAustralian Council Deans of Science