5 Ways GroupMap helps you find the best idea.

Here’s 5 ways GroupMap helps your team find the best ideas. Say you need to pick a restaurant for team lunch on Friday over 5 weeks. Let’s check out what options you have. In week one, we simply want to go to the restaurant that most people will turn up at. Ask your team to create […]

How to Stage Your Conversations

Add and remove stages to your GroupMap. Need something lighting fast? Create a quick 2 step brainstorm with results. Want a think tank? Go high fidelity and add in review, voting and rating stages. Here’s a run down using an example  “mad, sad, glad” exercise. Use our default process steps or design your own.

Consent Form and Surveys

Before you start an activity, you may want participants to acknowledge a statement or answer a few questions. Either way, it’s now a simple process. Pre-activity consent When you  first set up your map, turn on the consent form under the features tab. You will be able to edit the text. You may wish to […]

Meeting templates for strategy, projects and education.

Each problem requires a different conversation, so we have created templates with workflows for specific activities. After clicking Create a map, choose your category and select from the range of activities. There’s a short description to help you decide on what works best. For example, this is a simple for and against map which allows […]

New features in GroupMap V.3.

We have working on your feedback, grabbing best practice and hacking through the tech to bring you a great set of features to get even more out of your GroupMap sessions. Don’t worry, until Sept 1, you can still access the classic version of GroupMap.. In the meantime, we’ve upgraded your existing maps so that […]

How do I make my agile retrospective more effective?

Retrospectives are great to build a strong productive team, but there can be a few challenges that impact on the quality of the process. We have a list of what stops an effective team retrospective. 1. DEEP DARK SECRETS Getting people to be genuinely honest; to tell everyone what they really think is vitally important. […]

GroupMap V2 features to improve how teams work

We’ve been listening to your feedback, watching teams in action and hanging out with our customers and we have made a bunch of changes to make your team work… well… awesome! Here’s a quick run down on what’s new:   Pick a map or create your own – Find the right map to suit your […]

How we got 160 people to brainstorm on GroupMap.

When GroupMap was  invited by digital creative festivals organisers to take our online brainstorming tool out of meeting rooms and classrooms to the general public, we needed a fun, eye catching way to get people’s attention. The goal was to get people’s ideas about what would make a city more innovative. Festival folk joined in on […]

Government Council (EMRC) uses innovative approach for solutions based workshop

Collaborating with four local government authorities, the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council sought public feedback to brainstorm ideas around 15 themes using innovative technology including visualisation tools and group response systems at their inaugural solutions driven workshop-Business Insights. EMRC Chief Executive Officer Peter Schneider said that EMRC is committed to innovation and continuous improvement. “Engaging with our […]

Creating workshops with a difference – Youth Leaders in Aged Care

How do you get young people to be more involved in aged care boards? Injecting fresh innovative ideas into boards requires a new approach. Rather than a traditional workshop, with sticky notes that don’t stick, the organisers ran an “unconference” where people across generations could share ideas in real time using an online brainstorming tool. […]

Online tools for business workshops – Talk versus Tech.

The battle between technology and talk- The right balance for your brainstorm Is using technology in group activities a conversation killer or can it improve the quality and speed of exchange. Online workshop and business planning tools that allow social collaboration in the workplace remove manual collation but does that now mean we have to […]

We get creativity tips from 5 industry leaders

In our very first public group brainstorming workshop, GroupMap joined the Pause Fest-Digital Festival during Innovation Month and had the opportunity to talk to industry leaders about what fuels their creative engine. From the head of the festival, to motion music masters and animation artists, we’ve reached deep into their thalamus of creativity to bring […]

A Lesson Plan for more effective brainstorming

Here’s a quick lesson plan for those who are getting started with group brainstorming in the classroom. If you love a socratic style, harnessing the collective thinking of the class or you are looking for a way to flip the classroom, then here’s a way to amp up your lesson plans. Objective: To get the group […]

GroupMap- group brainstorming tool used to address future employment

  There are audience response systems and then there are audience “engagement” systems. Sadly, not all problems can be addressed with multiple choice answers. By moving beyond the simple polling for, the National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services were able to tackle some big issues facing student work experience and future employment. Here’s how […]

Big Brains for Science – How to get a group to work together

Australian Council of Deans of Science thinking of ways to improve pre-service teaching with GroupMap. The Big Questions:  What essential skills should secondary teachers in Science and Maths have? What complementary skills should secondary teachers in Science and Maths have? What can Science and Education Faculties at University do to improve this? How can Science and […]

Uni Students using GroupMap to revise before exams

Sharing notes and ideas for faster revision Talk about speeding up revision time… some call it cheating, other’s call it collective learning. These students had the right idea in terms of making sure that they captured all the key elements of the topics around commercialisation of new ideas. It started by the teacher adding in […]

How smart are your kids?

Teacher looks for the “Smart” kids in class. Most people know about IQ… but our kids can be smart in so many ways. In this example, Mrs Cotham explores the dimensions of intelligence and asks the students what they do to show off their talents. Before you know it, the GroupMap is filled with aspects […]

Rostrata Primary Groupmap class collaboration

Rostrata Primary Groupmap class collaboration

It was really fun and interesting hanging out with the year 5's at Rostrata primary today as they explored some of the key concepts surrounding the Olympic games. Some fantastic questions and it reminds us of why we get together in a group.. to learn, share, play and discover. Great questioning kids and thanks for being our one of our young beta software test group!

Finally… “I” can come back into Team

We liked this ..The secret to team collaboration: Individualism article. It echos the thought that collaboration isn’t just about collectivism. Consensus isn’t about Groupthink and that Team are still made up of individuals. It’s part of the reason why GroupMap makes things just a little more awesome. It allows individuals to create their own […]

Groupmap, Coffee and a bunch of Educators

Our second user group session with the iPad User Group at Curtin University was great! Thank you to joining our coffee session.   Interestingly when we asked the question about where the Groupmap application could be used, the Group’s response was * As a facility to ask “stupid” questions * Establish cause and effect for […]
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