Run effective agile retrospectives with GroupMap

With this customisable tool, you can run more effective retrospectives that focus on your project. Each team member can add their ideas honestly, free from edit wars and groupthink. Everyone can instantly see the results which can be used for comments and voting for key action points.

Whether meeting in person or online, the ability to capture responses quickly, use questions that suit your project and increasing engagement is remarkable. Create your own for free now!

The question set used in the template is one of the common sets used in agile retrospectives, although you can substitute different questions:

  • What went well? What were you proud of, pleased with, or produced good outcomes?
  • What could have gone better? What went wrong, or what areas do you see for improvement?
  • What do we want to try next? What innovative ideas or alternative approaches would you like to try?
  • What puzzles us? What unanswered questions do we still have?


  • A project
  • You and your team members (Virtual or face to face)
  • Internet access
  • Allow up to one hour


  • Step 1 - Participants reflect on their experience of the last iteration and add their thoughts and responses under each of the headings in their own view (My View). There is no specific order necessarily.
  • Step 2 - Reveal the Group View and read through the thoughts from everyone. Ideas can be discussed using comments or in person.
  • Step 3 - Participants allocate their vote on the ideas in the Group View to highlight areas they would like to focus on going forward. Five dot votes per participant is a good starting point.
  • Step 4 – Discuss and decide on actions around the voted themes. (Serious about taking action? Try using the 5w1H GroupMap template).

How To Run An Agile Retrospective With GroupMap

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