GroupMap technology has been successfully nominated as one of the six Australian companies to showcase at the 2013 Gartner IT symposium. The nominations were made via the Department of Industry, Innovation,  Science, Energy, and Resources and represents a unique opportunity to network with CIOs from around the world, as well as receive private meetings with a Gartner Analyst. A big thank you to our supporters, fans, customers, and users who believe that collaboration is key within organisations and teams and its impact on learning, knowledge exchange, and decision making. We are pleased that our latest features continue to improve the quality and productivity of your meetings, workshops, and training activities. GroupMap is a cloud-based application for teams to brainstorm and collect responses at meetings, workshops, and boardrooms using customizable templates. Individual participants respond anonymously to a problem on their own which can then be shared with others. All responses are aggregated into a GroupMap for comment, discussion, and voting for action. This not only removes manual collation and coordination costs, but it also reduces the impact of groupthink and edit wars which improves the quality and productivity of the team.

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