Character Alignment Chart

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The Character Alignment Chart

This icebreaker activity lets you create different actions for any given situation and classify them as lawful, chaotic, good, evil or somewhere in between.

This is an imaginative way to encourage people to think about their values, how they approach decision-making, and the roles they play when working together.

This is a fun way to explore how people’s values play out in different situations.

Why Use One?

This activity encourages self-reflection by revealing how each person may respond to a situation. The benefits of this include:
  • It encourages creativity and solving problems from a different perspective.
  • It promotes team building by understanding how different people respond to the same situation.
  • People can explain their decision-making process in a non-threatening way.

Who Should Use One?

This activity is well suited for group facilitators, trainers, team leaders, or people leading groups to solve common issues that have multiple solutions.

Its game-based theme works well with retreats, creative problem-solving, and other collaborative settings.

Tips for the Character Alignment Chart

Character Alignment Chart Template

Lawful Good

Upholds the law and is driven by duty and justice. Follows a moral code and respects authority.

Lawful Neutral

Seeks to maintain the law, but is not bound by good or evil. Is motivated by duty or tradition.

Lawful Evil

Uses the law to gain power or control. Is motivated by selfish desires.


Neutral Good

Seeks to do good, but is not bound by rules or laws. Is driven by empathy and compassion to help others.

Neutral Good

Remains balanced between following the law and their beliefs. Seeks to maintain balance and self-interest.

Neutral Good

Primarily motivated by their own self interests, rather than the law. May use others to further personal goals.


Chaotic Good

Prioritizes doing good over following the law or social norms. Is driven by freedom and individuality.

Chaotic Neutral

Prioritizes freedom and individuality over law or moral codes. Is unpredictable and difficult to control.

Chaotic Evil

Prioritizes own desires and goals above all else. Enjoys causing harm and destruction, and is difficult to control.


How to Run a Character Alignment Activity.

Firstly, create a few scenarios that you can pose to the group. For example:

  • You are the head of a new innovation hub for the company and have been charged with coming up with new ideas to improve the product and service offerings of the team. What kind of actions would you take?
  • You are running a community consultation workshop to get policy feedback on greening the neighbourhood, targeting the younger generation. What kind of actions would you take?

    You can make the scenario as detailed or as simple as you like. Explain each of the different character types above to the group.


Brainstorm actions for the scenario


Sort actions into each category


Explain your action and reasons

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