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What is a Plus Delta Retrospective?

The Plus Delta retrospective is a simple way to collect feedback from team members to support the continuous improvement of a certain process, activity, project, or event.

It gives team members a chance to express what they thought of the last sprint in very simple terms. This easy retrospective helps them focus on the positives, so the team can gain a sense of accomplishment, build confidence, learn from the things that went well, and change what didn’t.

Why Run One?

The Plus Delta template helps to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of a new process or system
  • Evaluate the results of a project
  • Review the performance of a team
  • Highlight areas of success
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Encourage feedback
  • Foster teamwork
  • Build trust
  • Identify and prioritize action items

Who Should Use the Plus Delta Retrospective?

The Plus Delta retrospective is a great tool to use with a newly formed agile team. It is a template that could be used by Scrum Masters and their agile software development teams.

It could also be used by any group looking to reflect on a process or project and improve.

Tips for an effective Plus Delta retrospective

Plus Delta Retrospective Template

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How to Run a Plus Delta Retrospective

The Plus Delta retrospective can help create a culture of continuous improvement within a team.

For teams that are working remotely or are located in different geographical locations, using an online collaborative tool like GroupMap can be an effective way to facilitate the process. It can create a shared space where team members can collaborate and contribute their ideas.

Start by sharing the Plus Delta template with the team members. Allow all team members to brainstorm ideas. They can contribute in real time or synchronously.

Once all team members have added their ideas to the Plus and Delta board, facilitate a discussion where the team can group the topics, discuss the items that have been added and identify areas for improvement. Prioritize the items in the delta column, and assign actions to team members to address them.

Use GroupMap to track progress, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines. Follow-up with team members to ensure that actions are being completed, and review progress in future meetings to assess the effectiveness of the changes made.


Populate each section of the template


Group similar ideas into one.


Vote on the key ideas you wish to action


Share and implement agreed actions


Share the outcomes of the session, including the action plan, to relevant stakeholders.

Cross Device Compatibility

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