GroupMap helps to engage participants at virtual events.


From online conferences to webinars to live-streamed events, GroupMap’s platform helps your attendees to get the best possible experience when they need to brainstorm, collaborate and conduct activities in a virtual setting. 

Easy to use templates from ice breakers to idea gathering in breakout groups and exit surveys help to ensure everyone participate like they would in a face to face event. 


Virtual events made engaging and interactive

Engage your audience

A virtual event without networking or engagement is just a presentation.

GroupMap offers over 80 brainstorming templates you can customise to support your event theme. 

From ice breakers to strategic break outs, create a space for people to contribute, discuss, vote and connect in real time.

Virtual events
Beyond video and voice

Use GroupMap with Zoom / MS Teams / Skype and more to deliver engaging online conferences and events. 

GroupMap elevates your video or voice call into an engaging experience for participants and provides a way for ideas to shine and be visible to everyone.

Harvest the data and facilitate better group discussions and deliberations

remote_teams connected culture
Easy for people to use

Our customers and their participants say that their number one reason for choosing GroupMap as their online event tool is because it is easy to use. 

GroupMap has a simple set up interface for facilitators.

An intuitive UI means people with little technical exposure can participate and contribute instantly. 

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Ready to engage participants at your virtual events?

See how we can help.

See some examples on how GroupMap’s  80+ templates can be used as is or easily customized to create your very own engaging and collaborative activities. 

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See GroupMap in action at these virtual events

Collaboration features available to support your virtual events.

Build, reuse and share event activities

Created an event activity you love? You can save the map as a template so that you can rinse and repeat. You can even invite other team members and share templates. Now that’s a time saver!

Event branding and integration

Add your event logo, authentication for managing users and custom URL to GroupMap. Integrate easily by adding links to specific activities or event spaces into your virtual event or video conferencing platform such as Zoom, vFairs, MS Teams and more.

Capture drawings, pictures, links and documents

Snap a picture of that incredible prototype or creative butchers paper output and encourage greater sharing, collaboration and creativity. Don’t let great ideas go to waste!

Poll or survey your participants

There is no need to switch tools or applications. Capture a quick thought, run a check in / check out, poll the audience or evaluate your session.  Get even more engagement and insights easily.

Participants and data security

All our maps already use SSL to transfer data (the same technology used by banks) and we back up your data every day. If your event needs additional security measures such as SAML/SSO we can do that too.

Control the tech and focus the conversation

We believe that conversations and connections are key. GroupMap lets you lock the map, hide views or prevent further changes allowing you to “turn off the tech” and turn on the talk. When you are ready, bring everyone back to capture highlights. 

GroupMap is ready to go to support your virtual events

Ready to use

No need to download and install or create accounts. Works across browsers and devices.

Create brand consistency

Add your logo and a customised landing page to GroupMap.

Enhance video conferencing

Augment your video conferences and other online meeting tools like Skype, Zoom or WebEx.

Partner with us

We’ve run virtual events from 30 to 1,100 people. We can help design, support or co-facilitate your event.

Synchronous or asynchronous

Open up the process flow or participants through each stage.
The choice is yours.