How smart are your kids?

Teacher looks for the “Smart” kids in class.

Most people know about IQ… but our kids can be smart in so many ways. In this example, Mrs Cotham explores the dimensions of intelligence and asks the students what they do to show off their talents. Before you know it, the GroupMap is filled with aspects of art, music, sport, writing and even concepts of social intelligence. Things like helping others to learn, playing fairly  and being kind to others were some key stand outs.

Watching them move ideas on the electronic whiteboard and working out where and how to cluster ideas was a joy to’s a shame lunch came around so quickly. Here’s how they did it:


They talked about what it meant to be smart… or to be good at something – it’s about breaking down the paradigm that if you can memorize and repeat that this makes you smart.

They talked about why it was important to have different types of “smartness” in a group, and in fact, the world, making sure that differences are valued. The students then formed teams and as a group had to start making a list of examples of different kinds of smart.

And whilst academic prowess remains in the foreground of assessment and provides at least evidence that satisfies moderators and auditors of a grade, it’s comforting to know that we can all be a little smart in our own way.. and in many ways.

Great job guys and gals! Great concentration, focus, and sharing of ideas.
Our thanks to Mrs. Cotham and Mrs. Kelly and the class for allowing us to share a GroupMap experience with them.