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6 Facilitation Techniques to Inspire Productivity in Meetings

A great meeting coordinator can get a group to brainstorm, discuss, and, most importantly, decide upon many things in a short amount of time. The challenge is that many organizations

Want to Facilitate an Online Class Discussion?

Here’s How… When it comes to fostering a conducive learning environment, it is important to provide plenty of opportunities for the learners to connect with each other. Not only do

5 Reasons why your team should start virtual brainstorming

Still thinking about reasons why your team should start virtual brainstorming? We have access to an incredible array of technological developments that can change the way we work; from online

Remote brainstorming and collaboration tool helps to enrich engagement and learning

With the aim of improving the way their community discusses complex issues in order to arrive at better decisions, the Colorado State University Centre for Public Deliberation is an impartial

How the Business Model Canvas and Pestle Analysis helped businesses pivot during COVID-19

Morehouse College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC) is a unit of Morehouse College, a historically Black, private liberal arts institution for men located in Atlanta, Georgia. Its focus is to

Human Centred Stakeholder Workshops Excel Online with The Right Collaboration Tool – Derby Museums

Derby Silk Mill is widely regarded as the site of the world’s first modern factory. Hannah Fox is the Director of Projects and Programmes for Derby Museums, an organization that