SOAR analysis brainstorming

A SOAR analysis is a strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results analysis that is a strategic planning tool that focuses an organization on its current strengths and vision of the future for developing its strategic goals. SOAR engages all levels and functional areas of an organization, the focus is on the organization and concentrates on enhancing what is currently done well, rather than concentrating on perceived threats and/or weaknesses.

Using your SOAR Analysis Template

  • Step 1 – Add your title and instructions to the SOAR Analysis template. This helps to focus your team’s thinking, Invite your team into the map by password and begin the brainstorming process.
  • Step 2 – Begin the brainstorming process by discussing your strengths and placing these ideas into the strengths box.
  • Step 3 – Now brainstorm the best opportunities your team has at success and place these ideas in the opportunities box.
  • Step 4 – Next it’s time to start brainstorming your teams proffered future, pace these ideas in the aspirations box.
  • Step 5 – Finally for the brainstorming process is to brainstorm what results will demonstrate that you have achieved your desired future, place these ideas in your results box.
  • Step 6 – Each team member now has the option to dot vote their favourite ideas, this step is intended for the team to remove the unlikely ideas and rate the favourite ideas that have been brainstormed.
  • Step 7 – Generate a report from the results tab to finalise your team’s brainstorming session.

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