Finally… “I” can come back into Team

We liked this… The secret to team collaboration: Individualism article.  

It echos the thought that collaboration isn’t just about collectivism. Consensus isn’t about Groupthink and that Teams are still made up of individuals.

It’s part of the reason why GroupMap makes things just a little more awesome. It allows individuals to create their own maps, have space to think and form their own opinions, critically analyzing the ideas from others. GroupMap then aggregates all that information into a collective form for voting and prioritizing for action.

Allowing each individual in the group to express their thoughts, form their opinion and then discover the common ground is the foundation block to building towards a collaborative state. The alternative feels like “well if no one is listening to me, then why should I bother listening to them.”

It makes you realize that in any room, the 3 most important views are yours, mine, and ours!