1. Create Your Activity

Start with a common industry template or design your own. Tweak the design and set the rules.

2. Invite your team

Join in by email, link or password. Everyone gets their own map – more space to think.

3. Capture Responses

Brainstorm easily, honestly and visually. Hide or suggest ideas, work individually or collaboratively.

4. See the results

Comment, prioritise and plan. GroupMap can show you the results instantly. Save time and increase productivity.

Use a productivity boosting template

…or create your own.

Create conversations that matter

Built for conversation

Choose a template to tweak or create your own. Focus conversations.

give each idea a home

Quickly capture ideas. Visual placement provides additional meaning.

Get Space to think.

Individual templates mean no more edit wars or being left out. Ideas and voices can be heard.

Stay in control

Decide how teams will work on an activity. Get the results you are looking for.

Find the ideas that matter

Filter, sort, rank, like, dislike and dot vote.  Focus on what really matters.

Reportable outcomes

Instant insights into session outputs and participation. Improve decision making.

Better Team outcomes

Imagine a team with a focus, working collaboratively to solve a problem without barriers, and seeing results in an instant. Get focused engagement with evidence based results.

Save time and money

No more retyping sticky notes and whiteboard pictures. Significantly reduce meeting and coordination costs while increasing productivity.

Safe and Scalable

Brainstorm and plan as a group anywhere, anytime on PC’s, Mac’s laptops and tablets. Your data is saved, secured and searchable.

What Others Say

Why we continue to make teamwork awesome.

  • Easy, fun, creative... enabled over 30 people with diverse views to share their opinions, collaborate and find time, ideas and thinking. Very exciting.

    Dr Nicky Howe - CEOSouthcare Inc
  • "We found people were energised throughout the day...what a privilege to recommend GroupMap as a collaborative technological enabler for larger group brainstorming forums and collective learning workshops"

    Dianna Vitasovic - DirectorInnovation Culture
  • "I used it for a large group facilitation and it worked like a dream. People took to it very quickly and the results were instant."

    Marjolein TowlerConsultus
  • "The collected data is worth gold!"

    Bojan Boskovic - DirectorRepublika Festival
  • "This is going to be an important tool for all educators."

    Dr Mark PegrumUniversity of Western Australia
  • "Achieved a "flipped classroom" situation. Thank you for providing an enlightening experience of the paradigm shifting potential that ICT has for teaching and learning."

    Dr John RiceAustralian Council Deans of Science
  • " ideas were captured and shared at a much faster rate which meant session times could be reduced... shows again how new technology makes us even more efficient"

    Cathryn Battersby - Community RelationsCurtin University

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