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The effective way to plan, brainstorm, discuss and decide

You’ve probably encountered the usual issues of group decision-making in your meetings, workshops or classrooms… People who dominate the conversation, quiet folks whose ideas never get heard, and of course all those post-it notes you have to write up. GroupMap solves this by capturing individual thinking first, then revealing the group perspective, all in real-time. Now that’s true collaborative decision making.

Create your map

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Design your activity

Start from over 60 brainstorming templates, or design your own. Our templates include Agile RetrospectivesSWOT, Urgent Import Matrix, Perceptual Maps, Stakeholder Analysis, Risk Assessment, Mind Maps, the Business Model Canvas and many more… 

Customize your workflow

GroupMap is very flexible so you can build maps around your own workflow. We keep the interface simple so you can focus on brainstorming solutions. We provide you the basic workflow steps – brainstorm ideas, group ideas, position ideas, voting, rating, action and survey – you can organize and customize them how you’d like.


Invite others to join

Whether a group of 2 or 2000, in the same room or around the world… GroupMap helps reveal what everyone thinks in an organized and insightful way. Invite up to 10 participants per map on the Basic plan, or up to 50 participants on the Professional plan. Planning something bigger? Get in touch. Your participants won’t need to sign up for accounts.

Discover the greatest ideas

Choose how your team reaches consensus. We give you all the group decision making tools you need to prioritize, decide and take action.

Easily make decisions together using online digital voting

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Share the outcomes

Our reports provide evidence and transparency into the group decision making process.
Browse the reports online, download a PDF report, or export your data in CSV or XLS formats.


Ready to improve your group brainstorming and decision making?

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Cross Device Compatibility

Works on desktop, tablet or phone in all modern web browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.

  • Easy, fun, creative... Enabled over 30 people with diverse views to share their opinions, collaborate and find time, ideas and thinking. Very exciting.

    Dr Nicky Howe CEO, Southcare Inc
  • This is going to be an important tool for all educators.

    Dr Mark Pegrum University of Western Australia
  • The beauty of the site is its simplicity, and yet a powerful communication tool.

    Lisa Owens Operations Manager, MountainGoat Software
  • GroupMap was very well-received and the planning committees really enjoyed the sleek, modern, colorful look to them.

    Elisabeth Lockerby Associate, Burba Hotel Network
  • An innovative way of marshalling collaboration.

    John Broom Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC)
  • We found people were energised throughout the day... What a privilege to recommend GroupMap as a collaborative technological enabler for larger group brainstorming forums and collective learning workshops.

    Dianna Vitasovic Director, Innovation Culture
  • Impressive, useful and highly recommended.

    Margaret Dawkins Executive Director, Strategy, Information Programs, Department of Communities
  • Went down as one of the best PD sessions ran, my team were still talking about how to engage afterwards.

    Dr Julie Howe Curtin University
  • I used it for a large group facilitation and it worked like a dream. People took to it very quickly and the results were instant.

    Marjolein Towler Consultus
  • Achieved a 'flipped classroom' situation. Thank you for providing an enlightening experience of the paradigm shifting potential that ICT has for teaching and learning.

    Dr John Rice Australian Council Deans of Science
  • Ideas were captured and shared at a much faster rate which meant session times could be reduced... shows again how new technology makes us even more efficient.

    Cathryn Battersby Community Relations, Curtin University
  • Specifically built to make team activities easy, providing a unique platform for anyone to respond on a map, with any parameters you set.

    Grace Smith Mashable
  • A great tool for project teams to quickly brainstorm and analyse their stakeholders.

    Tamzin Morphy
  • There is so much you can learn from collaborative input. It's user friendly, effective and stats are only one button away. Ingenious.

    George Hedon Founder, Pause Festival
  • I really enjoyed this planning session and I think GroupMap provides an excellent platform for everyone to have their input and still keep the process efficient.

    Brendon Vines Board Member 55 Central
  • We really enjoyed using GroupMap to do an ideation workshop for 200 people. It was great to get real time ideas, and also lessen the time to act on them. (leadership was amazed that I wasn't going to have to spend days entering post-its!)

    Jon Racic Senior UI Developer
  • GroupMap has allowed us to get the best team outcomes from our strategy bootcamps as the voice of each team member gets heard.

    Glenn Bergsma Director
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