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Plan, brainstorm, discuss and decide!

You’ve probably encountered the usual issues of group decision-making in your meetings, workshops or classrooms. People dominate the conversation, quiet folks never get heard, and of course all those post-it notes you have to write up. GroupMap captures individual thinking first, then reveals the group perspective, all in real-time.

Easy to use templates

GroupMap offers over 80 brainstorming templates to get your planning, discussions, workshops and activities started quickly and effectively! Create your activities from one of our ready to use templates or design your own easily. From Strategy and Design Thinking to Agile Retrospectives and General Brainstorming, GroupMap means you can design meetings that suit your team’s needs. Our templates include Agile RetrospectivesSWOTUrgent Import MatrixPerceptual MapsStakeholder AnalysisRisk AssessmentMind Maps, the Business Model Canvas and many more…

Customize your workflow

You can then customize and organize them how you’d like. We provide you with the basic building blocks for your meeting – brainstorm, group, position, vote, rate, score, like/dislike, action and survey.


Facilitate effective discussions

GroupMap offers easy to use tools and features to encourage engaging conversations for all participants. Securely invite 2 to 2000 people, whether they are in the same room or around the world. Set a timer, bring everyone to the same step, use anonymity to promote openness and capture comments while keeping an eye on people’s progress. You can even poll or survey people. These are just some of the useful tools to help you build engaging conversations each and every time.

Custom Workspace

Custom workspace
Design your activities the way you want it

Lock Unlock

Lock / unlock
Control when and how long your feedback sessions are

Brainstorm Style

Brainstorm style
Capture responses in groups or individually


Choose privacy levels based on “Off”, “Partial” or “Full” anonymity settings


Use real-time chats in your activity to communicate easily


Keep your activity on time using the timer functionality


Get feedback in one spot using the survey and polling feature

Move Participants

Move participants
Create breakout sessions for smaller brainstorming groups

Find The Best Ideas

Discover the best ideas

GroupMap gives you simple but effective tools to vote, rate, score, like, dislike and sort ideas independently to remove bias and ego. Decide together on the top ideas and actions to take forward. Customise the group decision making tools you need to prioritize, decide and take action.

Share the outcomes

No more manual collation! Download your results in a single click as a PDF report, CSV or XLS to save you the time and stress.
Our reports provide you with the evidence and transparency of your group decision making process.

Secure and private

Every group using our service trusts us to keep their data to remain secure and confidential.
GroupMap has been developed and operates with the highest level of security to protect your data and privacy. Password protection, secure platform, payments, infrastructure and hosting, back ups are a given with us.


Enterprise ready

Single sign-on via SAML (eg. GSuite, OneLogin, OKTA, Azure Active Directory). Choose between hosting your GroupMap account and data in the US or the EU. Corporate branding and enterprise templates along with concierge support and training.


Security and encryption built-in

Your data is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption over the wire, AES256 encryption at rest. We utilise SOC2-certified infrastructure to provide you with the peace of mind that information you share on your GroupMap is always secure. Learn more


High availability

Run your meetings, workshops, brainstorming activities and all other online events with GroupMap as and when you need with a 99.9% uptime SLA. You can also view our status dashboard for all real time notifications and planned maintenance. View our status dashboard


Security questionnaires and DPA’s

Security questionnaires and DPAs are available for all enterprise clients. Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) is a legally binding document between a processor and a controller which follows the rules set out in the GDPR – are also available for enterprise clients.


GDPR Compliance

We have implemented policies and processes to ensure that we meet our data processing obligations under GDPR. We only collect and store data for use of the service to ensure we meet our obligations under the general data processing regulations. Learn more

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